All students are assigned to social work faculty for academic advising and should plan their schedules in consultation with them. Students are assigned advisors by the Social Work office. The current list of advisors is found on the bulletin board in front of the Department office (PHS 128). You may request to see a specific advisor; simply make an appointment with that advisor. If you wish to change your assigned advisor, please file a Change of Educational Advisor request.

Consult the Bulletin Board outside of PHS 128 (the department office) for the name of your advisor, and then check the instructor's posted office hours. If you need to see your advisor at a time other than during posted office hours you should call your advisor and leave a voice mail message or use email to contact your advisor. If you are unable to schedule a meeting with your advisor, contact the BA program coordinator.

We also work closely with the University's Office of Advising Services, the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), the Learning Assistance Center, the Office of Re-Entry and the Evaluations Office whose staff provide services that are especially helpful and necessary for transfer and senior students. It is, however, the student's responsibility to obtain needed information, records, transcripts and have them interpreted well ahead of your expected graduation date and to take the steps necessary to rectify deficits, omissions or errors. In order to graduate, a student must meet all of the University and Department requirements for his/her catalog year. See the campus directory listing in the General Catalog for the location and phone numbers of student service program such as those cited above.

The College of Health and Human Services has an Advising Services counselor assigned to the college. Below you will find the counselor's name and contact information:

Frank Castro

Phone: (559)278 -1787
McLane 194