Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work Education

boywithbooksThe specific educational mission of the BA program of the Department of Social Work Education is to prepare baccalaureate level students to enter into supervised professional social work practice as generalist social work practitioners who can serve within a broad range of public and private human service delivery systems. Secondarily, the program prepares students for admission into graduate programs of social work (and others).

The Department seeks to educate beginning level social work practitioners in humanistic values and generic problem-solving practice skills within the person-in-environment context who can meet diverse client needs, perform varied intervention roles within the evolving practice context of our unique service area, promote social and institutional change, and provide opportunities for services that enhance the social functioning of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

Students are introduced to the concepts of empowerment and a strengths perspective and to social justice as a professional value. It is the intent of the undergraduate program that baccalaureate level social workers comprehend and celebrate human diversity within their professional practice.

The Department welcomes inquiries from anyone interested in learning more about this profession. Inquiries about the bachelor's program should be addressed to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.