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Certificate in Alcohol/Drug Studies

A certificate of special study is awarded to those students who successfully complete a minimum of 12 units of interdisciplinary academic coursework in the area of alcohol and drug abuse. Students seeking the certificate:

  1. must have completed two years of college or two years of experience  related to the field of alcohol/drug abuse, and
  2. must be regularly enrolled in the university.

Requirements (9 units)

PH 110: Drugs, Society, and Health
PH 111: Alcohol and Alcoholism
SWRK 129: Treatment of Chemical Dependency

Elective(s) (3 units)

Select 3 units from the following listings:

CRIM 141: Alcohol, Drugs, and Criminality (3 units)
WS 115: Women, Children, and Alcohol (1 unit)
WS 150T: Women and Alcohol (1 unit)
CRIM 190 | PH 90 | SWRK 190 | WS 190
Independent Study on selected aspects of alcohol/drug abuse (1 unit)

Total 12 Units