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New & Transfer Students

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Program Description

student tourThe bachelor's degree program prepares students to enter supervised professional social work practice and/or pursue admission to a range of graduate study programs and professional schools. This includes graduate study in social work leading to a master's in social work. Both the bachelor's and master's degree programs are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

The bachelor's degree program in social work is a sequenced program that requires four consecutive semesters to complete. Please note the following:

  • All prerequisites must be completed prior to entry into the social work program.  
  • Cohort of social work students begin the program in the fall semester of an academic year.
  • No social work students are permitted to begin the program in the spring semester.

PRE-HEALTH MAJOR(First Time Freshman)

Beginning in Fall 2020, incoming freshmen at Fresno State who are interested in studying social work will begin their studies in the Pre-Health major.

The College of Health and Human Services Pre-Health Program provides support to First Time Freshman students exploring careers in health and human services professions with academic advising and career exploration.  The Pre-Health Program allows students interested in Social Work, Nursing, Kinesiology-Exercise Science and Health Science-Community Health to explore these majors and career pathways. The Pre-Health Program, a three-semester program is for first time freshmen and will blend in all lower division general education. Students in the Pre-Health Program will enroll in HHS 18: Career Pathways in Health and Human Services in their first semester and HHS 100T: Career Exploration in Health and Human Services in their second semester to assist in the exploration process. During the second semester, an academic counselor will work with students to identify a major appropriate to their career path based on their career exploration. During their third semester in the pre-health major, qualified students will apply for admission into the social work major.

For more information on Pre-Health please see the following link.

SOCIAL WORK Major (Transfer Student Direct Admission)

Beginning in Fall 2020, transfer students will have to answer supplementary questions when they apply to Fresno State through Cal State Apply. These supplementary questions will serve as the student’s suplimental application to the social work major. Based on this application process students who will either be admitted directly into the social work BA Program or they will be assigned to their secondary major. If a student is admitted into their secondary major they will need to graduate in that major and are ineligible to apply to the social work major again. 

If you are not admitted into the social work major but want to pursue a career in social work, you still have options.  You can apply to our MSW program.  An undergraduate degree in social work is not a prerequisite to apply for our MSW Program. In fact, eight schools in the CSU system who offer an MSW program do not offer a BA in social work. We admit approximately 120 students per academic year in our BA social work program. All cohorts begin in the fall semester and take courses in a specific sequence. The BA Program in social work at Fresno State has enjoyed robust enrollment for many years and we expect our program to remain popular for many years to come.

Due to the popularity of this program, students from other majors may not switch into the Social Work Major.

Prerequisites for Transfer Students


Social Work Prerequisite


  • Transfer students wanting to major in social work must successfully complete the pre-requisites and additional  major requirments along with answering supplimental questions on the CALSTATEAPPLY application to be eligible for application and consideration into the Social Work major.
  • Due to the demand for this major, entry into the social work major is not guranteed. The seats in this major will be filled on a competitive basis based on the submitted application. We anticipate that some qualified students will be denied entry into this program. 
  • Pre-Requisite Major Courses (Eff. AY 2021-2022):
  1. G.E. Area A1 (Comm 3,7, or 8) (3 units)
  2. G.E. Area A2 (Engl 10/Engl 5B) (3 units)
  3. G.E. Area A3* Critical Thinking (3 units)
  4. G.E. Area B4* Quantitative Reasoning (3 units)
  5. G.E. Area D3 Social Science (Econ 25, 40 or 50) (3 units)
  6. G.E. Area E Life-long Understanding (PH 90) (3 units)
  7. SWRK 20 (3 units) 

    TOTAL (24 units) 

* See G.E. list for approved courses. Each prerequisite must be completed with a minimum “C” grade – CR/NC grades are not acceptable. 

Additional Requirements

  • Passed 60 cumulative units (By end of last Term at Community College)
  • 2.7 Cumulative GPA-At time of Applicaiton
  • Completed all Lower Divison General Education Courses (By end of last Term at Community College)
  • 2.7 Pre-Requisite GPA- At Time of Application 

The DSWE will honor articulation agreements between community college districts and Fresno State for equivalent courses meeting the requirements for Areas A1, A2, A3, B4, and D2.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will apply to the University through CalStateApply and answer supplimental questions. These questions along with meeting all other requirments will be used to determine eligibility and acceptance to the program. Entry into this major is competitive and is not guaranteed.


B.A. in Social Work Degree Requirements


Major Requirements (42 units)
SWRK 20, 123, 135, 136, 160, 161 (or 161S), 170, 171, 180, 181, 182, 183
Note: Students must attain a minimum grade of C in each required course in social work major Students who receive a grade of less than C in any of the above courses must meet with their Social Work Education academic adviser and develop a plan for repeating the course and continuing the major. Refer to the Undergraduate Advising Guide for complete information on policies.

Additional Requirements (18 units)
May also count toward General Education

  • (Select One) GERON 100, 103, PHIL 1, 20 (3 units).
  • (Select One) GERON 134, 139, PHIL 120, 131, 150 (3 units)
  • Approved upper-division electives (see list in department office) (9 units)
    Cultural Diversity Ethnic Studies including Africana Studies and American Indian Studies; Chicano and Latin American Studies, Asian American Studies, or Women's Studies (3 units)
    Six units from two of the following areas: Anthropology, Criminology, Psychology, or Sociology (6 units)
  • Select three units from the following: SWRK 125, 128, 129, 137, or 152 (3 units)

General Education requirements (51 units)

Electives and remaining degree requirements* (13-24 units)(see Degree Requirements); may include a double major or minor



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