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Frequently Asked Questions

Bachelors of Arts in Social Work


Q. Can I apply to the University and transfer to start the social work program in the Spring?

A. No, transfer students can only apply and are only admitted in the Fall semester. You will only be able to apply fo the program as a transfer student in the Fall semester. If you were to transfer in the Spring the Social Work program would not be an option. If you were to start as another major on campus in the spring semester you are not allowed to change your major or apply to the Social Work program


Q. What are the Field Internship requirements?

A. Field internship is an integral part of the BA curriculum in social work. It provides an opportunity for students to apply social work knowledge and practice skills in an agency-based, educationally-focused field setting. BA majors in their senior year who are eligible for internship must complete 450 hours of field internship over the two semesters of their senior year. Students complete 15 hours per week in an assigned field agency setting, which must include no less than 5 hours per day. Students who do not have social work supervision provided at the agency attend a one hour, weekly seminar on campus. The Department of Social Work Education initiates the field placement planning process the semester prior to entry into field. The Field Coordinator determines the field internship agency to which each student will be assigned, based on a process of student, agency and Field Coordinator interviews and feedback. Placements are available throughout the Central San Joaquin valley. Every effort is made to match students to an appropriate field setting but students are not guaranteed a placement in their area of preference.

Q. Does the Department of Social Work Education offer online major courses/distance learning?

A. No. All major courses must be taken at Fresno State. 

Q. Does the school offer evening or weekend classes?

A. Some courses are offered in the evening, but students must be able to complete coursework and field internship during the day to complete the B.A. in Social Work.

Q. What does the internship process entail, and how many locations are available?

A. The internship placement process involves obtaining academic clearance that a student is eligible to proceed to field, application for field placement, a campus interview with the Field Coordinator or Assistant Field Coordinator, one or more agency interviews, and completion of paperwork indicating your field placement preferences. Placements are available throughout the Central Valley in a range of practice areas. Specific areas of interest are discussed during the campus interview.

Q.  What is the typical class size?

A. The average class size is 30.

Q. Will I have an advisor? How are they assigned?

A. Yes, you will have two advisors. Your professional advisor in the College of Health and Human Services Advising and Career Development Center and a faculty advisor by the Social Work office  Your ACDC Counselor will assist you in making any changes in your curriculum, or curriculum schedule; Your faculty advisor will assist you in provide career guidance and support as you prepare to graduate.


Q. What can I do with a Social Work degree?

A. For more information, please click on either of these links: Social Work Degree Center or Fresno State Career Services

Q. Where can I volunteer to get more Social Work experience?

A. We do not keep a list of local agencies looking for staff or volunteers. You can search online for agencies that interest you and contact them for more information. Check out the VolunteerMatch website to get started!

Q. Where can I find more information about getting an MSW degree?

A.  For more information, please review the information posted on our Master of Social Work (MSW) website.

Q. How can I find more information about getting an LCSW?

A.  For more information, please review the information posted on the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) website.