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Assessment Findings

The Council on Social Work Education's authority to accredit programs emanates from the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). We are currently up for recognition renewal by CHEA and in the process of submitting our self-study.  In 2010, CHEA modified its standards for recognition with increased expectations regarding public reporting of assessment findings.

In June 2012, the Commission on Accreditation (COA) alerted programs that AS 4.0.4 was modified to comply with the new CHEA accountability standards. The edited standard states: 

4.0.4 The program uses Form AS 4 (B) and/or Form AS4 (M) to report its most recent assessment outcomes to constituents and the public on its website and routinely up-dates (minimally every 2 years) these postings. 

AY 2017-18 BA - Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (37KB)
AY 2017-18 MSW - Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (18KB)

As part of implementation and monitoring of this new standard, all programs accredited by CSWE were asked in June 2012 to post assessment findings before January 1, 2013 and provide the link to the posting in the most recent Annual Survey of Social Work Programs.

Programs that do not provide the website link are considered out of compliance with this accreditation standard.  EPAS Handbook policy 1.2.12 outlines procedures for programs found out of compliance between reviews.  

When there is a possibility that a program may be out of compliance with one or more educational policy and accreditation standard, the matter is referred to the Executive Committee for substantiation and possible action (e.g., order a modified site visit, place on conditional accredited status, or initiate withdrawal of accredited status).