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This section of DSWE's website contains regularly updated employment announcements and opportunities. Job opportunities are divided by their educational requirements Bachelors, Masters, LCSW on the left. The most recent postings are at the top of their individual section. Please check the pages frequently as employment announcements are often quickly announced, filled, and then deleted. 

Attention Mobile Device Users: Please note the size of each file before you attempt to download.

 Know of a Job?

Please contact Azucena at azucenarodriguez@csufresno.edu if you have a job you would like to post.  All job postings must be approved by the Chair of the Department of Social Work Education.  

Please Note:

We do try to keep this page as current as possible.  However, jobs do get taken. So please email azucenarodriguez@csufresno.edu if you have discovered a job posting that is no longer available. Thanks!