All Spring '21 Advising will be via Zoom or Email


Faculty and staff in the Department of Public Health at Fresno State believe that good advising is the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience and is integral to the retention and graduation of our students. As such, the department is committed to providing a superior advising experience for our students.

Academic Advising

Students in the Department of Public Health are assigned an advisor based on their option (e.g., community health, environmental/occupational health and safety, or health administration) and based on the first letter of their last names.  The following information provides a breakdown for the advisors in the department.

Spring 2021 Academic Advising Sheet

Academic Advisor Availability

The following link provides a list of office hours for academic advisors during the current semester. Please be sure to print your road map, DPR, and obtain your advisor folder from the department's office before going to see your advisor.

Please be advised that academic advisors are not available during the summer and that you should obtain your advising no later than December 1st during the Fall semester and May 1st during the Spring semester.

Undergraduate Community Health Advising

Undergraduate Health Administration Advising

Undergraduate Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Advising

Undergraduate General Education Advising

The College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) Academic and Career Center provides general education advising for the entire College of Health and Human Services.

Graduate Advising

Dr. Kara Zografos serves as the advisor for the MPH Health Promotion Option and is the Chair of the Department of Public Health. Her email is:

Road Maps

The Department of Public Health strongly encourages students to meet with their academic advisor at least once per academic year.

Class Planning Form

Students in the Department of Public Health may use this form to keep track of the classes they will take and the number of units still remaining to graduate.

Class Planning Form (PDF)

Please note that to tools available on this page cannot provide an integral experience which can only be accomplished by a close relationship with your academic advisor.

Advising Frequency

Students are encouraged to visit with their advisor at least once per semester and during all University mandated times.  Students should also visit with Mr. Frank Castro as soon as they think they have completed their GE requirements.