Current Students

Advancement to Candidacy

MPH students should complete their advancement to candidacy requirement as soon as possible. The eligibility criteria can be found in the catalog and by visiting the Division of Graduate Studies .

The Deadline to apply for Advancement to Candidacy is the sixth week of the semester prior to the term in which the student registers for the culminating experience, and/or applies for the master's degree to be granted. Consult the class schedule for exact deadlines.

Institutional Review Board

Graduate students performing research in the Department of Public Health at California State University, Fresno must comply with Federal Human Subjects Projection Guidelines.

The process for submitting Human Subjects applications is detailed in this document. You may obtain all forms from the department's office.

Continous Enrollment

All masters degree students must maintain continuous enrollment from their initial point of enrollment in their graduate program. During the time that students are working towards the completion of their culminating experience, when and if they have enrolled in all course units, they are expected to maintain enrollment through "Zero Unit Enrollment" through the Division of Graduate Studies.