On-Campus Balance and Gait Intervention Program

The Department of Physical Therapy offers an 8 week, community-based intervention program for people with gait, balance, or mobility problems. This program was developed to train doctoral Physical Therapy students in the assessment and treatment of patients/clients with these types of disorders. The program is overseen by core-faculty members from the Physical Therapy Department and clinicians from the community. Our doctoral Physical Therapy students are given the opportunity to learn examination, assessment and intervention skills with a hands-on approach  as they work with real life clients with actual pathology. Students and faculty discuss each client's impairments and develop an individualized treatment plan that is carried out by the doctoral student/ student physical therapist.

This program is offered during the academic year and runs for eight weeks on Tuesdays and Thursday between the hours of 9 AM to 12 noon and 2 PM to 5 PM. Clients are scheduled for one hour sessions, two times per week with a specific doctoral Physical Therapy student. During the Fall Semester, the program begins in mid-September and ends mid to late November. During Spring Semester, the program begins in early February to  and ends mid to late April. Specific dates can be obtained on the application form. Clients may self-refer or be referred by a physician and/or a physical therapist. 

Enrollment Criteria

1) physician's clearance
2) Balance or gait problem
3) Able to ambulate with or without an assistive device
4) fee of $300 for the 8 weeks

If interested, please contact the Gait, Balance and Mobility Center at (559) 278-4148 or the Department of Physical Therapy at (559) 278-2625. Or, complete the application and physician's clearance below and fax to (559) 278-3635. Attention: Toni Tyner.