Other Comprehensive Balance Testing

Research shows assessments of balance need to be multi-factorial. Using computerized force plate systems, the faculty in the Gait, Balance, and Mobility Research and Education Center will be able to systematically assess the integrated aspects of balance and movement control. The results obtained from our special computerized assessment becomes the basis for successful rehabilitation.

BalancingIn addition to traditional clinical tests, the faculty will assess patients with dizziness/vertigo and disequilibrium of both known and unknown etiologies using computerized dynamic posturography (CDP), which is considered the 'gold standard' in balance testing. This test is also necessary in medical legal case management of patients. CDP is an objective method for isolating and quantifying impairments related to the sensory input, automatic (reflex) movement, and voluntary movement components of balance control. Three standardized test protocols are used: Sensory Organization Test (SOT), Motor Control Test (MCT) and the Adaptation Test (ADT). In addition, based on the patient's clinical signs and symptoms the faculty may also perform the Limits of Stability (LOS) or the computerized dynamic visual acuity (DVA) and gaze stabilization test (GST).

For more information regarding testing at Fresno State, please call the department office at (559) 278-2625. Or fax referral to (559) 278-3635 Attention: Dr. Peggy Trueblood.