Department History

The Physical Therapy program at Fresno State University has 30+ years' experience transitioning from a BS degree (1973) program to MPT program in 1993. In 1997, the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education granted accreditation for a 3 year Masters in Physical Therapy. In 2000, the Department of Physical Therapy proposed a revised two-year 68 unit MPT degree program. In addition the program proposed a 124-unit B.S. degree with a pre-Physical Therapy option, which incorporated the prerequisites coursework for the MPT program. These changes enabled the program to develop and identify a larger undergraduate applicant pool, streamline the student's preparation and completion of the MPT program, and bring our program in line with current Commission on Accreditation for Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) requirements for post-baccalaureate professional education in Physical Therapy.

In response to the changes in health care and increased responsibilities for practicing physical therapists, PT schools nationally began to implement a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. However, as a CSU institution, Fresno State was not able to offer an independent DPT degree program. Therefore, in response to this change, Fresno State University was the second public university to offer the joint professional DPT in California in 2008. Students holding a MPT from Fresno State were given an opportunity to return to Fresno State for an additional 9 months to obtain a DPT.

With a change in the legislation allowing CSU's to offer DPT programs, Fresno State received approval to implement a 3 year entry-level DPT program in fall 2012. With the execution of this program the undergraduate IHRS program was discontinued and the joint DPT program with the University of California San Francisco will no longer be needed as of spring 2014 since all students graduating from Fresno State will hold a DPT. There is no longer an MPT program at Fresno State.