Program Goals

The overall goals of the program are to prepare students to provide excellent primary health care to families in the Central San Joaquin Valley, with emphasis on cultural appropriate care, good communication skills, collaboration, and ethical and professional behavior. The graduate degree program will be balanced around a framework of several key elements:

1.    Implement concepts of collaboration, consultancy, teaching, leadership, and research in advanced nursing practice.

2.    Function as a licensed practitioner providing culturally-appropriate and client-centered healthcare services including health promotion, disease prevention, health protection, disease management, and palliative and end-of-life care.

3.    Demonstrate critical thinking, effective oral and written communication, information literacy, and proficiency with patient-care and communication technologies to enhance care and assure quality improvement.

4.    Exemplify ethics, and engagement to promote equity and social justice to facilitate the development of health care systems that address the needs of culturally diverse populations, providers, and other stakeholders