Health and Human Services Heroes

Honoring those who make a difference. 

This annual event honors dedicated individuals who work within the Health and Human Service field to create positive and meaningful change for others in their respective communities. Each of the 10 heroes honored were nominated by each of the departments, centers and institutes within the College of Health and Human Services, representing a wide range of disciplines.

Our 2017 Heroes include:

  David Barton

Lynne Ashbeck

Nominated by: Central Valley Health Policy Institute & Central California Center for Health and Human Services

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  Carolyn Drake

Michelle Bronson

Nominated by: Department of Social Work Education and Gerontology


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  Jan Duttarer

Nikki Cornell

Nominated by: Department of Physical Therapy


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  Michael Michner

Carol Giovacchini

Nominated by: Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies

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  Emilia Reyes

Nancy Hoff

Nominated by: School of Nursing & Central California Center for Excellence in Nursing

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  Jennifer Ruiz

Freda Kaprielian

Nominated by: Central California Children's Institute

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  Rosanna Ruiz

Laurie Misaki

Nominated by: Department of Public Health

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  Jim Santos

Manuel Mollinedo

Nominated by: Department of Recreation Administration

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  Norma Verduzco

Andrew Quesada

Nominated by: Department of Kinesiology


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  Rosanna Ruiz

Dawan Utecht

Nominated by: Dean's Council of Ambassadors

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  You can learn more about our 2017 Heroes by clicking on their name and by visiting our blog.