The College Mission

John Hockenberry Talks with Rehabilitation Counseling Students

The primary mission of the College of Health and Human Services is to provide a professionally oriented education at the undergraduate level and to provide graduate programs in specialized disciplines that serve the needs of students and the emerging needs of residents and health and human service providers in the Central California region. The college's laboratories, centers and institutes, working with faculty in each academic program, address issues of bridging health policy, nursing, social services, children, and obesity as well as other challenges facing all segments of the population across the region. The fundamental process linking all programs within the college is professional collaboration based on a common vision and a commitment to service.

The academic disciplines of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies, Gerontology, Public Health, Kinesiology, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Recreation Administration, and Social Work Education within the college seek to foster interdisciplinary-holistic education for future Health and Human Services providers.