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Exercise Science Club Maci Layne
Pedagogy Club Pedro Lopez
Sports Medicine Club Teagan Puckett
Sport Psychology Club Eric LeNorgant


StudentsThe prime directive of the Kinesiology Department is to make students' lives better.

We do this by providing you with a personalized and individual combination of educational and practical experiences which form the foundation for your professional career.

We feel like we get to know our students better than most other academic departments, because of the nature of our classes and educational experiences.

Confucious once said, "you can learn more about a man in an hour of play than in a month of conversation." Many of our classes involve labs, educational workshops, and discovery or experiential learning which promote down-to-earth interactions and personalized relationships between students and professors. Consequently, students have much greater access to the expertise and experience of the professors, and the educational process is less formal, less frustrating, and more fun.

There are plenty of opportunities for practical, real-world experiences, internships and assistantships on campus, in a variety of educational, testing and research programs. We also offer academic credit for off-campus educational experiences, such as internships, coaching, and volunteer work.

We believe that students can learn a lot from other students, and those personal connections are an important part of career development. To promote peer mentoring and student connections, we have designed several areas within our buildings to promote social interaction and group study. We also encourage students to spend extra time in our labs, helping out with research and testing programs. The more engaged you become in your education, the better prepared you will be for your professional career!