Sport Psychology Graduate Program

As listed in the Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology, our graduate program is based on the certification guidelines prepared by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology ( AASP). Please contact Dr. Jenelle Gilbert, Graduate Program Coordinator, to discuss your interest in applying to our graduate program;
Phone: (559) 278-8902

Our curriculum is designed to prepare graduate students to pursue (a) careers in coaching, teaching, sports medicine, athletic training, health and fitness, or performance enhancement consulting, (b) doctoral degrees in sport psychology or related field such as kinesiology, education, or social psychology, and / or (c) certification in sport psychology consulting as an AASP Certified Consultant.

Students who do not have an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology or a related field may be required to complete 9 or more units of prerequisite coursework. In many cases this coursework may be completed concurrently with enrollment in the graduate program.