The Paul Schechter Courage Award is presented annually to an outstanding student-athlete who has overcome a physical challenge to be a successful college athlete. The award is named for long-time Bulldog athletic trainer Paul Schechter.

2012 Recipient - Brooke Ortiz, Softball


Ed Ferreira "Spirit of a Bulldog" Memorial Award is presented to the Fresno State Sports Medicine team member who exhibits exceptional dedication in serving the Bulldog Family, their colleagues and their community with the highest levels of excellence.

2012 Recipient - Eric C. Hanson, MD


The Dr. Thomas Thaxter Memorial Scholarship is given to the Outstanding Senior Athletic Training Student who exhibits the highest standards in academics, clinical proficiency, leadership, and dedication.

2012 Recipient – Shannon Murphy

2011 Recipient – Kevin Bergman

2010 Recipients – Chiho Bunden, Joe Aliotti, Caitlyn Elliott

2009 Recipient – Sarah Ibanez

2008 Recipient – Krista Bayers

2007 Recipient – Reshmi Bahadur

2006 Recipient – Amber Giacamazzi

2005 Recipient – Deborah Flores

2004 Recipient – Terra Castro-Conde

2003 Recipient – Shauna Horton

2002 Recipients – Matt Borak, Brian Dallas, Akemi Katitani

2000 Recipient – Jason McCamey

1999 Recipients – Jennifer Machado, Randy Hicks

1998 Recipients – Christine LoBue, Lance Gault

1996 Recipient – Jason Durocher


The Dr. Bill Kennedy and Friends Memorial Scholarship is given to a Junior Athletic Training Student who displays outstanding compassion and teamwork among their peers, excellence in service to Bulldog student-athletes and their colleagues. It also benefits the student that displays these qualities and has a financial need to complete their education. This scholarship provides full in-state tuition for their senior year.

2012 Recipient – Ashley Pollard

2011 Recipient – Devery Ortiz

2010 Recipient – Janet Lin

2009 Recipient – Miguel Piedra

2008 Recipient – Ashley Wills