Frequently Asked Questions

Please continue to check back here, as our FAQs will be continually updated.


When is the CHHS Convocation?

 Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 10:15 a.m.

Where will the convocation be located? 

Save Mart Center at Fresno State (2650 E. Shaw Ave., Fresno, CA 93710)

Who can participate in the convocation?

All of our bachelor's, master's and doctoral candidates, from each of our seven academic departments, will be recognized.

What is the deadline to apply for graduation?

  • Undergraduate Degree filing deadline is February 14, 2019. 
  • Graduate Degree filing deadline is February 1, 2019

Application and additional information can be found HERE.

How do I register to participate in the CHHS Convocation?

In addition to meeting the above requirements, students must complete the CHHS Convocation Registration Form HERE by the deadline date of April 19, 2019.  

Will the names of all graduates be read?

Yes! All participating graduates will be individually recognized by walking across the stage and having their name read. 

Will master's and doctoral candidates be hooded during the college convocation?

Yes. All master's and doctoral candidates will be hooded during the ceremony. 

Will my mentor and/or faculty member of my choice hood me?

The Convocation Task Force has formed a Hooding Subcommittee, comprised of faculty and master's students, to explore the possibility of this. Details are still being determined at the moment. 

Will students be able to have a separate event, at the department-level or through student clubs, that celebrates and recognizes their achievements?

Yes. If a department or student groups wish to hold other student-led celebrations for their graduating students, we ask that these celebrations be called one of the following: 

  • Special Recognition Ceremony. Examples include Doctoral Recognition Ceremony, Master's Recognition Ceremony, etc. 
  • Student Achievement Ceremony and Awards
  • Academic Rite of Passage Ceremony or Celebration
  • Other name approved by department chair and dean in consultation with students 

The individual departments will decide on the programmatic details of their special recognition ceremony (i.e. pinning, etc). 


What is the difference between convocation and commencement?

The CHHS Convocation celebrates all of our graduating students and will include individual recognition of each student who has earned a degree. In addition, doctoral and master's students will be hooded during this ceremony. Each college and school at Fresno State organizes their own celebration to honor their graduates. 

The Commencement is the University-wide ceremony all colleges attend. During this ceremony, the graduating students' degrees are officially conferred by President Joseph I. Castro. All CHHS graduates are encouraged to attend both ceremonies, as they each hold special significance. 

Will the Convocation be live streamed?

No, but a full video of the entire ceremony will be available on the CHHS Youtube channel the week after. 

Who can I contact for any questions or comments I have?

Please send your comments or questions to - and continue checking our FAQs page for the latest information. 


What kind of regalia will I need to wear?

 All students participating in the College of Health and Human Services Convocation are required to wear the University-approved academic regalia (cap and gown), which must be purchased/rented in advance of the ceremony from Kennel Bookstore. 

For more information on that, please visit:

Will the college have stoles to purchase? 

 The college will not have stoles to purchase, but each participating graduate will receive a commemorative gift.

Please contact your department office regarding the possibility of stoles within your department and/or major. 

Where do I get honor cords and related honor regalia?

 Contact your specific honors office/department for additional information. 

How do I know if I am eligible to graduate and participate in the CHHS Convocation?


To be eligible, undergraduate students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be registered as a matriculated, undergraduate student in the College of Health and Human Services at Fresno State for the current Spring 2019 semester or have already graduated during Summer or Fall 2019. Students registered only through Open University or Extended Education do not qualify. 
  2. Student must have a declared major in the College of Health and Human Services. Any "pre" majors do not qualify (e.g. pre-nursing). Student must currently have a minimum of 100 units earned. In-progress units do not count towards this 100-unit requirement. 
  3. Student must currently have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better
  4. For exceptions, seek consultation with department chair. 


To be eligible, graduate students must meet the following requirements, as described on the Division of Research and Graduate Studies website:

  1. Have an approved "Petition of Advancement to Candidacy" on file in the Division of Graduate Studies office.
  2. Attain a minimum 3.0 GPA in the program
  3. Receive approval from their graduate program coordinator prior to completing the online application. 
  4. NOTE: Graduate students who will be applying to graduate in the summer or fall of 2019 are eligible to participate in the CHHS Convocation. 

Where will I be sitting during the ceremony?

See seating chart below under 'day of Convocation information'


Will guests need tickets and if so, is there a limit on how many tickets each participating student will receive?

 Since the convocation will be held in the Save Mart Center, this allows for a larger capacity of guests. NO tickets are required for entry and there is NO limit to the amount of guests you have. 

Will the ceremony be free for guests to attend? 


Will there be a designated area for CHHS graduates and family/friends to celebrate after the ceremony? 

 We are exploring options for a college-wide reception immediately following the ceremony. More info will be determined at a later date. 

Where can guests park? 

  • Parking is free. Guests can park anywhere in the Save Mart Center parking lots. It is is recommended guest arrive early and carpool if possible. 
  • Disabled parking is available in Lot 5, P1, P5, and P6. (view map)
  • Parking in Campus Pointe is prohibited. 

What items can I bring into the Save Mart Center?

For a list of all prohibited items, visit the Save Mart Center website

Where will my graduate be seated during the event?

See seating chart below under 'day of Convocation information'




Time Details Instructions
9:15 - 9:30 a.m. Graduate arrival and line up
  • Assemble on the loading dock at the northeast end of the Save Mart Center (closest to Chestnut Ave.)
  • Check in at the table with your designated department. Please hold on to your photo/name card with you at all times, until you've crossed the stage. 
  • After checking in, line up behind the sign designating your department. Department staff will be on hand to guide you. 
  • Do not wear your regalia or cap. After passing the security checkpoint, graduates can then put on regalia and cap, which MUST be worn throughout the event. 
  • Graduate students - hold onto your hood until it is time to be hooded. 
9:50 a.m. Processional begins
  • When signaled, graduates will follow their department lead into the Save Mart Center
  • Order of procession: Faculty, Doctoral candidates, Master's candidates, Bachelor's candidates
  • Please remain standing until Dean Jody Hironaka-Juteau gives the signal to be seated
10:15 a.m. Ceremony
  • The ceremony will begin promptly at 10:15 a.m. 
  • Graduates and guests are to be remain seated at all times
  • Graduates will be seated by department, with doctoral candidates seated separately
  • College staff will signal when it's time for your department to line up and come to the stage to be recognized
  • Each graduate will have their name called and process across the stage
  • Doctoral and Master's degree candidates will be hooded by the respective graduate coordinators within their department.
11:45 a.m. Recessional
  • Please remain standing for the recessional, unless you are physically unable to
  • Faculty will exit first toward the stage
  • All other graduates will exit toward the South End of the Save Mart Center (closes to Shaw St.) 
  • Please have a designated spot to meet your party outside the Save Mart Center 
11:45 a.m.  University Reception
  • Graduates, family, friends and guests are invited to the University's reception, held on the South Lawn of the Save Mart Center. 
  • Food, beverages, and FUN will be provided 


CHHS grad map


  • Professional photographers from GradImages will be taking pictures of each graduate as they cross the stage and then again after they exit the stage.  GradImages will use the email address that you provide on your name card to send you complimentary proofs.  
  • Graduates are encouraged to share their grad experience with us on social media. Tag us at @FresnoStateCHHS or #FresnoStateCHHS or Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or tag Fresno State at #FresnoStateGrad


  • Graduates, guest, staff and volunteers should allow extra time for security and inspection upon entrance into the Save Mart Center. Patrons are subject to security and other restrictions as deemed necessary and as required by the event. 
  • Save Mart Center reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone who refuses to allow inspection of their persons and any purse, bag, or package carried with them when entering the facility.  
  • The Save Mart Center prohibits backpacks and bags larger than 12"x6"x12" 
  • Diaper bags are permitted and will be inspected.  
  • Items not permitted into Save Mart Center can be found at the LINK
  • Signage that will obstruct the view of other ceremony guests may be subject to removal by venue management. 
  • Balloons and strollers are not allowed in the Save Mart Center 


Commencement and graduation ceremonies at Fresno State symbolize the culmination of many years of hard work. It is a time for you, your family and friends to recognize and celebrate your success!

We ask for your help in making these ceremonies a positive experience for everyone.  Misconduct by even a few would be disturbing to the graduates, faculty, and guests who expect and deserve a safe, orderly, and dignified ceremony.

 All Fresno State Commencement and graduation ceremonies are alcohol, drug, smoke, vapor and tobacco-free events and a zero-tolerance for disorderly behavior will be strictly enforced.  Graduates and guests will not be permitted to carry alcoholic beverages into ceremony sites or consume them there.

 Graduates and guests who are intoxicated or disruptive will not be allowed in the ceremony venue or will be escorted from the ceremony.