Deaf Education

To All Prospective Graduate Applicants:

Deaf Education Student in the ClassroomThe Deaf Education's Graduate Program in our Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies is nationally accredited by the Council on Education of the Deaf (CED). The 36-unit graduate program generally involves about two years of full-time study. Although a Master of Arts degree is not required for teaching deaf and hard of hearing children, at least 90 percent all of our Deaf Education majors choose to complete their degree along with one or two teaching credentials through our partnership with the Kremen School of Education and Human Development.

The Deaf Education program has been designed to provide our students with a broad overview of the field of education. All advanced coursework that lie at the heart of communicating with and teaching deaf and hard of hearing children has been developed and expanded as part of the overall goal of giving our students a solid foundation in working with diverse population and dealing with the complexities of educational approaches and challenge.

The Deaf Education faculty are highly educated people with great respect for research. At the same time they are very friendly and devoted to teaching. They are not only excellent in the graduate classes but they are also concerned about the individual students and flexible in accommodating student ideas and needs. They are not only as experts in their fields but also as future colleagues and new friends. They become role models, friends and advocates. Classroom experiences, interaction with fellow Deaf Education majors, practical experiences in local schools, and professional conferences, all serve to make our Deaf Education program one of the best in the nation.