Application and Forms

Join the 2BU Team

This is the fourth annual 2BU challenge and we need your help! Prices will be given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd individuals who raise the most money. Anyone collecting more that $50 by Friday, November 1st will receive a 2BU t-shirt! Join today!

To join the fund raising team please:

  • Email your contact information and fundraising goal ($50 minimum to get your 2BU t-shirt) to the
  • Send out the suggested donation letter and have your family and friends pledge!
  • Submit fund raising form & donations to: CDDS, 5310 N. Campus Drive M/S PH 80, Fresno, CA 96730 or drop it by the CDDS office by Friday, November 1st

Forms can be downloaded here:

  • Sample Fundraising Letter