Deaf and Hard of Hearing Credentials

Certification by Council on Education of the Deaf

For students specializing in education of the Deaf, completion of the master's degree fulfills all the academic and clinical practicum requirements for Provisional Certification by the Council on Education of the Deaf, the national organization responsible for certifying teachers of the Deaf. Professional level certification is available following three years of successful teaching under the supervision of a professionally certified educator of hearing impaired children. All students are encouraged to acquire national certification.

Special Education Specialist: Communication Handicapped Credential (Deaf and Severely Hard-of-Hearing)

Deaf Education majors may pursue the credential with or without the M.A. However, students pursuing either credential must meet all admission requirements for the graduate program. Students can not take any CSD 200-level courses without departmental acceptance into the M.A. or credential program. CSD 200-level course work taken by deaf-ed students for a credential will not be included on a Master's Degree program of study unless the student has been admitted into the M.A. program. Students cleared as credential candidates by the department and the School of Education and Human Development are not automatically accepted into the department's graduate program. Information regarding the two credentials is available from departmental credential advisers and the School of Education and Human Development.