Common Core for Social Workers

Boy Hugs SelfThis program component is responsible for delivering competency-based  curricula to new staff in public child welfare services.  Activities are designed to ensure that new workers receive the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for their jobs, and to ensure that managers and supervisors reinforce, monitor, and promote what is learned in the classroom to the work site.  The training consists of 23.5 days of training for the new worker and one day of Transfer of Learning training for his/her supervisor.  This training meets the Statewide requirements for the California Common Core for social workers.


Central California Training AcademyCore Training Outline 

Course Section Course Title Length
C-1 Framework for Child Welfare Practice in    California  1 day
C-2 Child Welfare Practice in a Multi-Cultural    Environment: .5 day
C-2 Indian Child Welfare Act     .5 day
C-2 Values & Ethics  .5 day 
C-2 Supporting Educational Rights & Achievement     .5 day
C-1 Child & YouthDevelopment in a Child    Welfare Context  2 days
C-1 Child Maltreatment Identification Part I: Neglect,    Physical, & Emotional Abuse    1.5 days
C-2 Child Maltreatment Identification Part II: Sexual    Abuse & Exploitation     1.5 days
C-2 Basic Interviewing   1 day
C-2 Domestic Violence   1 day
C-2 Caregiver Substance Abuse & Child Welfare    Practice    1 day
C-2 Mental Health Issues in Child Welfare    1 day
C-2 Self Care: Worker Safety in Child Welfare    Practice   .5 day 
C-2 Self Care:    Time Mgmt, & Stress Mgmt in Child Welfare Practice    .5 day 
C-2 Court Procedures     1 day
C-2 CWS Documentation for Use in the Legal System    1 day
C-1 Family Engagement in Case Planning & Case    Management   2  days
C-1 CWS/CMS Component - (Automated CW Information    System)  .5 day
C-1 Placement & Permanency    2 days
C-1 Case Planning - CWS/CMS Component   .5 day
C-2 Multi-Ethnic Placement Act (MEPA) / Interethnic    Adoptions Provisions   .5 day 
C-2 Health Care Needs of Children & Youth in the CW    System    .5 day
C-1 Critical Thinking and SDM in CW Assessment: Safety,    Risk, &  Protective Capacity 2 days
C-2 CWS/CMS:     Health & Education Passport     .5 Day
   TOTAL CCTA CORE TRAINING DAYS: (24 Courses Total)  23.5 days 147 hrs.