Mobile Applications

The following applications were developed by the Academy for Professional Excellence.

Academy for Professional Excellence Overview

This is the Academy for Professional Excellence mobile app. It is designed to provide information about the Academy for Professional Excellence.


After 18 APP

This mobile app includes information, resources and services for social workers to use while working transitioning youth and young adults.

 Android App

Assess Risk in IPV

Assess Risk in cases that involve Intimate Partner Violence. This mobile app includes four areas of assessing Intimate Partner Violence as well as resources to learn more about this topic.

  Android App

Basic Interviewing for Social Workers

Basic Interviewing for Social Workers This mobile application is designed to provide basic interviewing guidelines for social workers.

  Android App

Child Development Milestones

Provides a comprehensive list of child development milestones including normal physical development, activities that promote healthy growth and developmental concerns.

  Android App

Critical Thinking

This mobile app was developed by the Academy for Professional Excellence’s Leaders In Action (LIA) Executive Development program to reinforce the Critical Thinking curriculum.

  Android App

CSEC: Engaging Foster Youth 

  This mobile app for android phones provides engagement strategies for social workers and other service providers working with young people who may have been victimized through commercial sexual exploitation.

Android App  


Definiciones básicas de Recursos de Seguridad Organizada (siglas en inglés SOP)

Esta aplicación móvil tiene el objetivo de ser utilizada por trabajadores sociales, supervisores, y gerentes en los condados que están implementando y utilizando Práctica Organizada de Seguridad (SOP).


   Iphone App(Browser based)

Elements of Child Sexual Abuse

This mobile app is designed to provide social workers with the elements used to evaluate child sexual abuse in investigations. Many of these elements are often referred to as indicators of child sexual abuse.

 Android App

   Iphone App(Browser based)

ICWA Guide

This mobile app is designed to provide Social Workers with guidelines for implementing the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).

  Android App

Keys to Engagement

  This mobile app is designed to provide social workers with strategies for engaging families they serve.


Safety Organized Practice Tool

This mobile app is designed to help social workers utilize some of the tools from Safety Organized Practice. This app can serve as a reminder to workers remember important steps for utilizing the tools to help build good working relationships with families, think critically and enhance safety.


Safety Planning in IPV

This app includes recognizing if a survivor of Intimate Partner Violence is planning to Stay, Leave, or is in the “Process of Leaving” and options that may support, and motivate, victims to provide safety for themselves and for the child(ren) in their care.

  Android App

W&I Codes for CWS

This mobile app provides a brief overview of CA Welfare and Institutions Codes Section 300 that are frequently used by Child Welfare Staff.