• This publication examines current research regarding child welfare worker safety, focusing on the context and root causes of violence against child welfare workers, the laws and policies states have used to address the issue, and the strategies that agencies and workers can use to enhance workers' safety and well-being in the workplace.Guidelines for Social Work Safety in the Workplace

  • These guidelines address safety within the context of social work practice. Ideally, these guidelines can stimulate the development of agency policies and practices to enhance social worker safety. In addition, social workers can
    use these guidelines to assess agency culture of safety and to advance professional and personal well-being.Guidelines for Social Work Safety in the Workplace

  • Begin to notice those colleagues who are exhibiting signs of secondary traumatic stress. When you find yourself working too hard – being so fixed on going the extra mile when it's not in you, think about Dave Cabrera saying, "You are no good to others if you don't have proper rest and focus."CW 360 PDF

  • This issue of insights provides an overview of the latest legislative developments in California, including data and perspectives on the policy and practice transformation taking place with the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR). Child Welfare Policy and Progress PDF

"Serving Those Who Serve Others"

The mission of the Central California Training Academy (CCTA) is to enhance the ability of staff in public social services and child welfare agencies to protect children and to prevent placement whenever possible.

Through the Academy, child welfare workers will have greater access to current and state-of-the-art child welfare practices, thereby leading to more competent workers in the field.