Judith Rutan

Judith RutanTransfer of Learning
Leadership Specialist

Judy Rutan serves as the Transfer of Learning /  Leadership Specialist for the Central California Training Academy.  She is responsible for coordination of the  Academy Field Based Trainer Program, providing oversight to field based  trainers assigned to counties served by the Central Academy.  In addition, Judy is responsible for the  planning and implementation of the Academy's Leadership Development and  Succession Planning Program emphasizing a competency-based training program for  managers and supervisors that incorporate evidence-based approaches and  prepares services professionals to become leaders within Human Services organizations. Prior to her position with the Central Academy, Judy served as a public child welfare social worker,  program manager and administrator over the past seventeen years.  She has also served as an executive director  for the First 5 Program, as well as an educator for Chapman University teaching  classes in organizational development.