Adult Protective Services Video Series

This video series provides APS social workers with several tips and strategies for effectively serving the APS community. Featured in this series are APS social workers, trainers and legal experts with experience serving both rural and urban California counties.


Addressing APS Professional Safety

This short clip can be used as a training tool for APS professional’s own safety when conducting home visits. It addresses ways for APS professionals to assess safety concerns that are common in the field. Use this video to incorporate discussions about safety within your APS programs.

Financial Abuse Allegation

This training video will walk APS professionals through best practices when interviewing an Alleged Perpetrator during a financial abuse investigation.


Caregiver Neglect Allegation

This training video is designed to support APS professionals in building their confidence and ability to interview an Alleged Perpetrator.

Tips for Testifying in Court

An overview of the courtroom basics and a look at what social workers can do to be successful when testifying in court.


Harm Reduction Approaches

A look at ways in which social workers can empower clients to advocate for themselves, reduce harm, promote quality of life and decrease high risk behaviors.


Undue Influence: Effective Interventions

This video explores the dynamics of undue influence, as well as strategies for effective interventions in Adult Protective Services.

Working with Resistive Clients

Explore strategies for building a trusting relationship with clients that are difficult to engage, ethical dilemmas faced with such clients, and the scope of statutory authority for working with resistive clients.