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Get the latest information about Fall 2021 Repopulation and COVID-19. Before coming to campus, take the COVID-19 Daily Screening.


College of Health and Human Services
Advising and Career Development Center

  • Students Signing CDDS
  • DPT students
  • Public Health
  • Recreation Adminstration
  • SWRK
  • Nursing Students


Due to COVID-19, all advising appointments and walk-ins will be Zoom-based. Please follow the links below to access our walk-ins and Zoom meetings. 

Please note: Current Fresno State students are given priority for appointments and walk-in meetings. Incoming freshman and transfer studensts will not be seen until after attending Dog Days. 

Click to Enter Walk-In Meeting 

Zoom Instructions

We will have the following ZOOM Walk-In meeting availability. ZOOM Walk-In meetings are on a first come first serve basis. We will try to accommodate all students who come in for a walk-in meetings.  

Summer Walk in Days:       

Monday:8/2/21: 8am-10:15am & 1:00pm-2:30pm

Wednesday:8/11/21: 9am-11:00am & 1:30pm-3:30pm


  • 6/14/21
  • 6/28/21
  • 7/5/21-HOLIDAY
  • 7/12/21
  • 7/19/21
  • 7/26/21

For brief question, contact our office at 559.278.5027 or at 

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The following FAQs address advising-related issues in light of COVID-19. The Advising and Career Development Center moved to online advising for all advising as of Monday, March 23, 2020.

How can I meet with my Academic Counselor? 

 You can either meet with an Academic Counselor through Zoom meetings online or over the phone

What if I cant make my appointment? How do I change my appointment time and day? 

Please call 559-278-5027 or emails us at to reschedule.  

Can I meet with an Academic Counselor in person? 

No, at this time all Advising interactions will be through Zoom or over the phone.

Do you only have Zoom appointments? 

No, we also offer phone appointments as well. 

I dont have internet access and cant use  Zoom. Can I do a phone appointment? 

 Yes, we offer phone appoinments. Please cal 559-278-5027 to schedule an appointment. 

What does a Zoom and/or phone advising appointment look like?

If it is a Zoom meeting your Counselor will have their camera and microphone turned on so that you can hear and see them. However, you don't have to have your camera on if you do not feel comfortable turning it on. As long as we can hear you that works perfectly well. During the appointment we may share our screen with you to go voer your DPR, Flow charts and or any other materials that may help you with your questions. 

How do I access my zoom appointment? 

 Your Academic Counselor will send you a link the day before your appointment to be able to access your meeting. 

What are the expectations for Zoom/phone advising meetings?

 We ask that you have questions prepared ahead of time, that you take notes if necessary and ask clarifying questions if you do not understand something.  

What if I have issues with Zoom and miss my appointment? 

 If you miss your appointment or have technology issues please just call 559-278-5027 or email us at to reschedule your appointment. 

Will There be only online classes for Spring 2021?

 Most classes will be virutal/online for the Spring 2021 semester. There will be a limited amount of in person classes available. 

The Advising and Career Development Center (ACDC) of the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) want to extend a warm welcome to all.

As our focus is directed towards the support and enhancement of all of our students, please let us take a moment to share with you our mission statement and goals. Our mission is to provide access to support the academic success and graduation of our students. It is important for us to enable our students to confidently meet and surpass any challenges they encounter. We strive to help our students develop their human capacity through engagement in genuine dialogue and individual advisement toward the design of an academic plan and career exploration.

The Advising and Career Development Center can provide services for currently admitted undergraduate students. Academic Counselors can assist CHHS students with:

  • General Education Advising
  • Graduation Requirements – reviewing Degree Progress Report (DPR)
  • Class Registration
  • University Policies and Procedures
  • Class Adds & Drops 
  • Pre-Health Advising
  • Kinesiology Exercise Science Advising
  • Social Work Admissions Advising and Processes 
  • Nursing Admissions Advising and Processes                 

We thank you for your interest in the Advising and Career Development Center where we strive to help our students integrate their life goals with their academic goals.