Message from the Dean

In an ever-changing world, students are searching for educational and career development opportunities that will enable them to meet the challenges and new realities of the 21st century. Faculty, staff and administrators in the College of Health and Human Services are dedicated to serving students, developing learning partnerships with regional health and human service providers, and delivering the cutting edge learning opportunities needed by new graduates to be successful. 

The college offers quality instruction through nationally accredited academic programs. Our teaching facilities are continuously updated to reflect the technology in use at corporations, agencies, and institutions where our graduates are employed. The college supports student services that can provide quick and accessible academic advising.

Our academic programs provide hands-on experience and skills, with the support of high tech training opportunities such as those available in the Speech and Language Clinic, the Gait, Balance and Mobility Center, Nursing Skills Laboratory and Sports Psychology Laboratory. In addition, faculty and students actively engage in interdisciplinary research in numerous institutes within the college related to health policy, children and families, disabilities, public health and gerontology.

The College of Health and Human Services and its faculty and staff are dedicated to the preparation of competent health and human service professionals and to enhancing the quality of life and service delivery to residents of the region and state.

Best Regards,

James E. Marshall, Ph.D.