Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible to apply to the Master of Science in Water Resource Management online degree program?

The program is open to both post-bac students who wish to acquire specialized training to meet current or future job requirements, and working professionals from the private and public sectors with an undergraduate degree in any area, who wish to acquire technical expertise. Students who have earned a bachelor's degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the last 60 units are encouraged to apply. Postbac students should supply all transcripts.

When are the classes offered? Do I attend on-campus classes, or are they offered online?

This program is conducted completely online, offering convenience and flexibility for those employed full-time but interested in career advancement, as well as students wishing to continue their education at the graduate level. No on-campus class meetings are required. How to Apply.

How long will it take me to complete the degree requirements?

You may complete the program in five consecutive semesters, taking two classes each semester. You should expect to devote about 10-15 hours per week to classwork.

How many units are required?

The degree consists of eight three-unit classes, an internship consisting of 150 hours, and a three-unit final project for a total of 30 graduate level academic units. 

What are the costs?

The course fee is $551 per unit, or $1,653 per class. The total for the program is $16,530. Fees are payable upon registration for each class. Financial aid may be available for qualified participants enrolled in 8 or more graduate-level units in a semester. Contact the Financial Aid office at 559.278.2182.

How will the Master of Science in Water Resource Management enhance my career or employment possibilities?

The degree provides an advanced educational study program that explores the principles of water management using GIS and geospatial technologies as tools to investigate real-world situations. Students will graduate with skills designed to capitalize on a marketplace hungry for employees with advanced knowledge and analytical skills in managing water resources.

Do I have to take courses in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in order to apply to the Master of Science in Water Resource Management?

Students must demonstrate currency in GIS training. Students who have completed Fresno State's GIS Certificate of Advanced Study will have fully satisfied prerequisites for admission to the Water Resource Management (WRM) Degree Program. Additionally, three units from the GIS Certificate (EES 212) will apply toward the WRM degree. 

Do I need a specific undergraduate degree as a prerequisite?

The program is open to individuals with a bachelor's degree in any field from an accredited institution.

I have additional questions about the Master of Science in Water Resource Management Program. Whom do I contact?

You may contact Wendy Larson, program staff member, at 559.278.5751 or, or fill out the program contact form.