Opportunities Upon Completion

Some veterans may want to continue their education and participate in one of the many programs in the Division of Continuing and Global Education, matriculate to Fresno State, or attend one of the many other educational institutions in the central valley. We are committed to helping veterans further their education.

However, we also recognize that some veterans may be interested in pursuing internship opportunities, vocational training, or workforce development.

In order to help veterans achieve their goals, we are working with the existing veteran support network in the central valley including student veteran organizations and we are interested in working with organizations that have a vested interest in providing opportunities for veterans and helping them achieve their goals.

So in addition to our program, we will provide these students with information about the regional and national support being offered for veterans.

One of the things we are really excited about is that we are also able to provide a dedicated classroom for instruction and study as well as an adjacent lounge where veterans can have access to computers, a printer, refrigerator, job postings, and really have a place to call their own and my office is located within this lounge.

Start-up funding is provided by the California State University Commission of the Extended University. Additional funding provided by Fresno State’s Office of the Provost, and Fresno State’s Division of Continuing and Global Education.

If you are interested in contributing or would like more information about the program, please contact Daniel R. Bernard, Program Coordinator, at 559.278.1901 or click on the "more information" tab to the left and complete the contact form.