Veterans Education Program

Transitional Education and Career Services for Returning Veterans of California’s Central Valley

California State University, Fresno is responding to increased demand for educational opportunities from drawdown veterans relocating to the Central Valley with the April, 2013 launch of the Veterans Education Program. While transitioning from a military role to a civilian one, veterans face unique and complex challenges.

Congratulations to our First Cohort Graduates!

diane P. Diane Chaffee
U.S. Air Force Veteran

“This program has been like waking up to life again with a better hope for the future.”

Accomplishments: Diane has recently been accepted to California State University, Fresno.


IanthaIantha H. Hutchinson
U.S. Army Veteran

“I knew the Veterans Education Program was going to be terrific, and it was! I was very impressed with the thoughtfulness and caring of our professors, they were extremely open and generous with their time and expertise.”

Accomplishments: Iantha has recently been accepted to California State University, Northridge, and plans to continue her education by pursuing a B.S. in Genetic Counseling.


TasiaTasia Sache Roddy
Army National Guard Veteran

“I love it! It has provided so much more than I originally anticipated. We received top of the line instruction from Fresno State professors who always had time for any of our questions; I am very grateful for all their time and instruction. Because of the Veterans Education Program, I am able to successfully move on to better and bigger things.”

Accomplishments: Tasia has recently been employed by AMVETS. She wants to continue her education by receiving her A.A. in International Business and Global Communications at Willow International and eventually pursue a degree in Graphic Design as well as a M.B.A.


VivianVivian B. Richards
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

“As a result of the Veterans Education Program, I am more eager and excited about moving forward and completing my business degree.”

Accomplishments: Vivian was able to take online courses at the same time as participating in the Veterans Education Program and is currently preparing applications to finish her degree.


MikeMike Russell
U.S. Air Force Veteran

“The Veterans Education Program helps other vets connect in a classroom environment and is a blessing that adds an opportunity for others that may be weary of starting or continuing their education and social activities.”

Accomplishments: After returning from 4 combat deployments, a big achievement for Mike has been returning to an educational and social setting. Mike excelled at helping his fellow student veterans and often helped them with technology on campus. Mike plans on attending college in the near future.


Veteran's Program Coordinator Daniel Bernard with the five graduates!