SAT Preparation Course - Online

Self-paced course to prepare for college admission

Designed to help prepare you for the SAT, this online course provides a guided personalized plan that identifies your test-taking strengths and offers helpful strategies to address your weaknesses.

In addition to a complete review of SAT content by subject and question-type, this self-study course prepares you to maximize your performance on test day. Emphasis is placed on Cambridge’s Six-Step approach to score improvements which includes diagnostic testing, basic skills review, test-taking strategies, practice test reinforcement, and development of your own personal study plan.

Course fee includes four months of web access, an adaptive CD-ROM, and two official SAT exams.

Dates: Self-paced; students may start at any time, must be completed within four months of start date
Class No. (will be assigned)
Units: Non-credit
Fee: $299
Instructor: Cambridge Educational Services

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