What is the Uni-track Program?

The Uni-track Program at California State University, Fresno allows dual enrollment for high school students, who can earn college credit while enrolled in an approved Uni-track course. Students can request a Fresno State transcript upon completion of the coursework. High School and ROP teachers are eligible to apply to participate in the Uni-track program. There are minimal student fees for these Uni-track courses.

Please note:  Fresno State is not accepting new applications for participation in the Uni-track program at this time.

Information for Parents and Students

Uni-track courses are recognized for college credit but might not necessarily be recognized for pre-professional degree requirements, such as pre-medicine. Check with the university you plan to apply to for program-specific information and approval concerning Uni-track credit.

Please check with your high school principal and/or academic advisor to find out if your high school currently offers articulated courses through the Uni-track Program at Fresno State.

If you choose to participate in a high school program through California State University, Fresno, you will be held to the same standards, policies, regulations, and deadlines that govern all students enrolled at Fresno State.

Uni-track courses will earn college credit, and a permanent grade will be recorded on a California State University, Fresno transcript.

Uni-track (Extension) academic credit courses are not acceptable for meeting the residence requirements at California State University, Fresno.

Some Universities will not accept Uni-track course credit toward the degree.  We are aware that some University of California campuses limit or prohibit Uni-track credit.

Restrictions for Uni-track Students

  • May register for up to 8 units of academic credit, per term/semester. No student will be approved for additional units.
  • Must have a junior or senior standing at their high school.
  • Cannot earn both course credit and A.P. exam credit when they attend Fresno State. If the student does not attend Fresno State, then they will have to check with their institution on possible restrictions.

Grading Options

Most Uni-track classes are offered with the "Mixed Grading" option.  This means you can choose the "Letter" Grading option A, B, C, D, F, WU (failure - withdrawal unauthorized), I (incomplete) or CR/NC (credit/no credit) option.

When you select a "Letter" Grading option of A, B, C, D, F, WU or I, the appropriate grade points are calculated into the grade point average at Fresno State. The following are grade points that will be earned for the following letter grades: A (4 points per unit), B (3 grade points per unit), C (2 grade points per unit), D (1 grade point per unit), F (0 grade points per unit), WU (0 grade points per unit) and I (not used in grade point calculations).

When you select a CR/NCR option, you must earn at least a "C" or better grade to receive Credit (CR) in the course. The "CR" grade contains no grade points, but the units are allowed for your degree and are not computed into your grade point average. If you earn a No Credit (NCR) grade, this means you didn't earn a "C" or better in the course. No units will be calculated into your total number of units completed, and no units will be allowed towards your degree. No grade points are calculated into your grade point average.

*If the student doesn't choose a grading option, when the "Mixed Grading" option is available, the system will automatically default to "Letter" Grading.

**Some Uni-track courses don't have a grading option available, and the grading basis cannot be chosen by the individual student.

Final Grades

Once a final grade has been posted to your official Fresno State record, it becomes part of your permanent academic record. Grade forgiveness is not available to those students who earn a D, F, WU (failure - withdrawal unauthorized) or No Credit (NC).

Determining Term Assignments

To simplify this process, Uni-track courses will occur in the following two terms: Fall and Spring.

Course Begins Course Ends Term
August December or January Fall
August May or June Spring
May or June Spring

Academic Unit Maximum, Per Semester/Term

Students are limited to enrolling in a total of 8 units of academic credit or a total of two courses, per semester/term. Excess units are not allowed.


Fees are $40 per course.


Please understand that if you register for a Uni-track course and you decide to drop the course at your high school you must also drop the course through Fresno State within the appropriate deadlines and follow the appropriate drop procedures established by CGE. Retroactive Withdrawals will only be considered for circumstances that arise beyond a student's control.

Uni-track courses can be dropped on-line by accessing your student account through http://my.fresnostate.edu. If your name appears on your Uni-track instructor's final grade roster, then you have not dropped the course.


There are no refunds in the Uni-track program.


Fresno State Transcripts can be obtained through the Transcript Office on our Fresno State campus. Information on how to request an "official" transcript can be viewed at the following URL:  http://fresnostate.edu/studentaffairs/registrar/documents/forms/records/Transcript_Request.pdf

Registration and Payment Information

Registration and Payment instructions

Please obtain class numbers from your high school teacher.

If your high school offers articulated courses with Fresno State, please check with your teacher on how you can register and pay your fees online.

For more information, please contact:

Julian Ramos, Extended Education Specialist 
5005 N. Maple Avenue M/S ED76 
Fresno, CA 93740-8025 
Office: 559.278.0333
Email: julian.ramos@csufresno.edu