Early Childhood Education: Family-Centered Services

Self-paced CD-ROM or Online. Family-centered service (FCS) is an approach to service delivery that grew out of family preservation attempts in the mid-seventies to prevent out-of-home placements of minors. Since then, family-centered services has expanded from a particular type of service to an overall philosophy for the delivery of services to families. FCS currently includes a wide range of programs from family support prevention services to family preservation, for families who are dealing with extremely difficult situations. Ideal for early childhood and elementary school instructors.

  • Dates: Self-paced; students may register now through April 18, 2014; coursework must be completed by May 16, 2014.
  • Place: N/A
  • Class No: 36854 (CD-ROM) or 36855 (online)
  • Units: Two
  • Course:LEE 180T
  • Grading Option:Letter Grade
  • Fee: $330
  • Instructor: Aumony Dahl, M.Ed.