Drugs & Alcohol in Schools: Understanding Substance Use and Abuse

Self-paced CD-ROM or Online. Take this course to gain a more comprehensive understanding of alcohol, drugs, and their influences in your classroom. The course provides a contextual framework for understanding what students may be experiencing through either their own substance use or the substance use of persons close to them. This course provides a basic historical perspective on substance use, along with the biological, psychological, and social factors that comprise the disease of addiction. Upon course completion, you will better understand the complex dynamics that contribute to this biological and social phenomenon. Ideal for middle and high school instructors.

  • Dates: Self-paced; students may register now through April 18, 2014; coursework must be completed by May 16, 2014.
  • Place: N/A
  • Class No: 36462 (CD-ROM) or 36463 (online)
  • Units: Two
  • Course:COUN 180T
  • Grading Option:Letter Grade
  • Fee: $330
  • Instructor: Michael Sedler, D.Min.