Wish List

  1. The Class Wish List allows for class and schedule verification. The wish list function is available for Open University students. Students can place classes for which they hope to obtain a permission number in the wish list basket by entering  the 5 digit class number of the class. The class(es) are saved in a Wish List Shopping Cart. This process allows you to verify the schedule and/or your eligibility to enroll in the class.
  2. Open University Registration opens on January 16. Registration is completed by adding the class(es) from either the Wish List Shopping cart or by entering 5 digit class number under Class Enrollment and following the registration steps including entering the permission number obtained. 
  3. Continuing and Global Education payments are due within 24 hours of completing registration.

For detailed instructions, visit http://www.fresnostate.edu/classschedule/registration/class_wish_list.shtml