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Short-Term International Study Tours Offering Academic Credit

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Faculty Handbook - International Travel Study

Summer Archaeological Field School in Rome and Ostia Antica, Italy

June 9 – July 20, 2014
HUM 101T – 3 units
Fee:  $4,900

RomeThe American Institute for Roman Culture’s Summer Archaeological Field School is an intensive, accredited six-week educational program in Roman archaeology led by AIRC faculty and affiliated expert archaeologists. The program offers students a unique combination of (1) one week of specialized academic instruction on the topography and development of Rome, including visits to major museums and open-air sites to provide participants with a broader context of what life was like in the ancient city, and (2) five weeks of hands-on fieldwork at an important archaeological site in the city and environs. In 2014 the program will be held from June 9 through July 20 and will take place at Ostia Antica, the harbor city of ancient Rome.

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Fiji 2015: Intergenerational Service Learning Adventure

December 28, 2014 – January 10, 2015
COM S 101 – 3 units
Fee:  $1,200 (travel grants of approximately $1,000 available for matriculated Fresno State students)

FijiParticipants will embark on a rewarding service learning project in the beautiful beach front village of Naboutini, Fiji. Fresno State Students and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute community members will be partnering with Madventurer, an international service organization, to work on rural community development in Fiji. Through a meaningful and lasting service learning project, students will be able to aid development by working on building a community center and engaging in the community through village events, sports, games, and educational opportunities. This is a cultural immersion trip as participants will get to experience local food, local accommodation, and daily life in Fiji. There will be opportunities for excursions throughout Fiji, waterfall trips, horseback riding, learning traditional dances, and many more cultural immersion experiences.

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Chile: Farm to Port

January 1 – 14, 2014
AGBS 185T – 3 units
Fee:  $4,325

Chile is fast becoming an export powerhouse for various agricultural products. This course focuses on learning about the agricultural and food supply chain operations in Chile from the production practices used in the fields to operations in various facilities where agricultural products are packed, cooled, stored, tested, transported, branded, inspected, traded, and so forth. The visits may include a briefing with the U.S. Embassy Agricultural Attaché as well as a meeting with USDA representatives associated with food inspection at ports. Participants will have extended visits at cooperating universities to bring about an exploration of ideas and cross-cultural exchange. 

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The Nordic Welfare Society – Tampere, Finland

April 10 – 21, 2014
SWRK 122T – 3 units
Fee:  $2,411

TampereJoin us to explore Finland, a country of 5.3 million that straddles the Artic Circle in the northeast corner of Europe to learn how well-being is constructed in institutions and practice. This three-unit course is targeted at those interested in learning more about the history, theory and practice of the Nordic welfare society. Consistently ranked among the happiest of nations and ranked at the top in the world in education, Finland has an extensive social welfare system.

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China: The Food System

April 13 – 27, 2014
AGBS 185T – 3 units
Fee:  $4,350

ChinaParticipants will visit Chinese food systems in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an to learn about the different agricultural production practices used, processing facilities, and the food chain. Students will observe during site visits how products are packed, stored, transported, inspected, traded and consumed. Participants will tour facilities to learn how food products are prepared for the final domestic or export market. Seminars will focus on an overview of the Chinese agricultural system, business etiquette, negotiation techniques, and the differences in how business is conducted. Participants will have extended visits at one cooperating university where they will meet an English-speaking Chinese “buddy”. This will bring about an exploration of ideas and cross-cultural exchange. Students will also visit some of the main tourist sites of China.   

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Salamanca, Spain

May 17 – June 6, 2014
Spanish 3 (3 units) or Spanish 125 (3 units)
Fee:  $2,450

SalamancaSalamanca is a culturally rich city in the historical country of Spain. Much of the history of the Americas and their cultural heritage relates to the influence of Spain. Students live with host families and are immersed in Spanish language and culture. Included in the overall cost of the trip is lodging with families, half-day classes, excursions, lectures and cultural tours. Tours will include an overnight trip to Barcelona, Spain.

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Administration of Justice and Culture in Dublin, Ireland

May 26 – June 3, 2014
CRIM 136T and CRIM 302 – 1 unit
Fee:  $2,543

GuinnessThrough readings, site visits and lectures, participants in this travel study program will examine the Ireland criminal justice system and the country’s culture and history. The program includes special emphasis on the psychology of penal institutions, role of treatment in offender rehabilitation, incarceration and punishment of adults and juveniles, drug enforcement, and the administration of the law. Comparisons will be made between corrections, courts, law enforcement, and victim services systems in Ireland and the United States. Also Ireland’s administration of justice will be examined in the framework of its history and culture.

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Armenia Today, Yerevan, Armenia

May 26 – June 11, 2014
ARMS 120T – 3 units
Fee:  $1,690

ArmeniaThis course is designed to acquaint students with the modern Republic of Armenia. Course requirements include visits to museums, excursions to important cultural sites, and interaction with college students in Armenia. Lectures will be provided on topics such as modern Armenian history, economics of modern Armenia, politics, etc. Students will write reports on various aspects of their visit to Armenia. This program is open only to currently matriculated college students.

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Global Wine Industry Internship in ITALY – Summer 2014

June 15 – August 2, 2014
ENOL 162T and VIT 162T – 6 units
Fee:  $7,137

ItalyPuglia’s Mediterranean climate and warm people create an enticing location to learn about Italian culture, local grape growing, winemaking, and global business. This fertile agricultural region located between the Adriatic and Ionion seas is the largest of Italy’s wine producing re-gions. Known internationally for growing grapes, Puglia produces more than two dozen DOC wines. Their most important grape varieties—Primitivo and Negroamaro—are gaining international recognition for the excellent wines they produce.

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International Social Work: Study Travel Program to
Hong Kong

July 15 – 29, 2014
SWRK 271T – 3 units
Fee:  $3,210

Hong KongSpend 13 days in Hong Kong, a former British colony, and learn about the historical development of international social work practice, global social issues, and the impact of globalization at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Key social issues to be addressed include poverty, HIV-AIDS, substance abuse, mental health, and refugees and torture claimants’ resettlement. The course will examine the roles of the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund and how they shape international social policies and services. Comparative analysis of social justice, diversity, human rights, and human relationships will be discussed. The course includes lectures, individual and group activities, organized study tours and service learning opportunities. A trip to Victoria Peak, Aberdeen fishing village, Temple, Heritage tour, Stanley market, Shenzhen City tour and Spendid China are included.

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Treasures of Russian History and Culture

August 2 – 12, 2014
HIST 149T – 3 units
Fee:  $2,975

RussiaSince the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has been evolving as a modern country and today it is a premier destination for travelers worldwide. Spanning nine time zones and twice the size of the United State, Russia offers its visitors an unforgettable glimpse of its history, culture and nature. Participants on this trip will learn about Russia’s long history from Medieval Russia (Kremlin churches and old Moscow), Imperial Russia (St. Petersburg as Imperial City), Soviet Russia (walking tours of Soviet Russia and Soviet museums), as well as today’s Russia filled with vibrant people, new customs, new businesses and new ways of living. This trip will embrace the blend of old and new by visiting both the typical (beautiful churches, museums, and historical sites) and the unusual (Siege of Leningrad tour, literary walks, and meetings with average Russians). Participants should return home energized by all they have seen and hoping to return one day to see even more.

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