Faculty-Led Short-Term International Travel Study Programs

Explore the unique combination of travel and learning offered by our Travel Study Programs. Earn academic credit while you complete a short-term international study tour in another country.

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Faculty Handbook - International Travel Study

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Chile: Farm to Port

January 1 – 13, 2016
AGBS 185T – 3 units
Fee:  TBA

Visit Chile’s agricultural fields to learn about different production practices used. Students will observe during site visits how products are tested, harvested, packed, cooled, stored, transported, branded, inspected, traded and so forth. Participants will tour facilities to learn how food products are prepared for the final domestic and export markets, and ready for the port. A U.S. Embassy briefing from the U.S. Agricultural Attache as well as a port tour are included.  Students will also visit a government research experiment station, INIA, equivalent to USDA. 

For more information contact Dr. Annette Levi, alevi@csufresno.edu or 559.278.4882 or Dr. Todd Lone, tlone@csufresno.edu or 559.278.4455.

Fiji 2016: International Service-Learning Adventure – Registration Closed

December 29, 2015 – January 11, 2016
COM S 101 – 3 units
Program Price: $3,500 total (Grants of approximately $800 available for matriculated Fresno State students. Other fundraising is anticipated, which should significantly lower student's out-of-pocket expense.)

FijiParticipants will embark on a rewarding service learning project in the beautiful beach-front village of Naboutini, Fiji. Fresno State will partner with Madventurer, an international service organization, to work on rural community development. Students will contribute to the village by working with the local community members on construction, public health and youth service projects. This is a multicultural, international trip, with participants immersing themselves in local culture, food, village accommodations, and daily life in Fiji. There will be opportunities for excursions and cultural immersion experiences such as waterfall trips, horseback riding, learning traditional dances, and more.

To download (PDF) a detailed flyer, click here.

Click here to download the application (PDF).

Click here to visit the Fiji service learning adventure blog.

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Rome, Italy

2015 Visual Communications Summer Program

June 15 – July 11, 2015
HUM 101T Roman History and Culture – 3 units
HUM 101T Media Studies – 3 units


AIRC’s Visual Communications summer program examines the politics, economics, religion, social structure, daily life, physical infrastructure, art, and historical development of Rome, from its beginning to the 6th century AD. The morning on-site lectures also offer numerous opportunities to discuss important issues such as conservation/ preservation of cultural heritage, new and ongoing excavations, and technology and media in the humanities. In the afternoons students work on their projects, which are designed to tell one of the Eternal City’s countless unique and timeless stories and are presented to faculty at course’s end. Students come away with a solid grasp of the layout of the modern and ancient city, its history, and its development through time, as well as a completed media project that communicates one or more aspects of Roman culture to a broad audience in a compelling way.

2015 Field School Excavation

June 8 – July 19, 2015
HUM 101T Archaeological Field School – 3 units

Whether you’re a postgraduate or undergraduate, archaeology or art history or anthropology major, or simply someone interested in learning more about the field of archaeology, this program provides an exciting and unique opportunity for a first-hand look at archaeological fieldwork at a one-of-a-kind Roman site.

The American Institute for Roman Culture’s Summer Archaeological Field School is an intensive, accredited six-week educational program in Roman archaeology led by AIRC faculty and affiliated expert archaeologists. The program offers students a unique combination of (1) one week of specialized academic instruction on the topography and development of Rome, including visits to major museums and open-air sites to augment field studies and provide participants with a broader context of what life was like in the ancient city, and (2) five weeks of hands-on fieldwork at an important archaeological site in the city and environs. In 2015 the program will be held from June 8 through July 19 and will take place at Ostia Antica, the harbor city of ancient Rome.

The AIRC Summer Archaeological Field School offers its participants both a synchronic (single-period) and a diachronic (multi-period) approach to the study of Roman culture. Through this dual approach, which provides depth and breadth simultaneously, participants will gain a comprehensive historical and cultural appreciation of Rome and Roman civilization, from its rise to power to its decline, understanding how it set a standard of cultural values that continues to exert influence over the entire Western world to this day.

For more information, go to the AIRC website: http://romanculture.org/programsinstitutes/academics/

Sevilla, Spain – Registration Closed

May 17 – June 5, 2015
Spanish 3 (3 units) or Spanish 125 (3 units)
Fee:  $3,425

SpainA special session of SPAN 3 and SPAN 125 offers students the opportunity to live in and experience one of the cultures that has influenced many of the cultures in this hemisphere, while improving their skills in reading and writing the Spanish language.  Students live with host families and are immersed in Spanish language and culture.  Cultural excursions, such as a trip to Granada and a trip to Rome are included. 

To download (PDF) a detailed brochure, click here.

For more information contact Dr. Isolina Sands, isands@csufresno.edu or 559.676.6005.

Administration of Justice and Culture in Hong Kong – Registration Closed

May 22 – 29, 2015
CRIM 136T – 1 unit
Fee:  $2,969

Hong KongThrough readings, site visits and lectures, participants in this travel study program will examine Hong Kong’s criminal justice system and the country’s culture and history. The program includes special emphasis on the psychology of penal institutions, role of treatment in offender rehabilitation, incarceration and punishment of adults and juveniles, drug enforcement, and the administration of the law. Comparisons will be made between corrections, courts, law enforcement, and victim services systems in Hong Kong and the United States. Also Hong Kong’s administration of justice will be examined in the framework of its history and culture. 

For more information contact Dr. Bernadette Muscat, bmuscat@csufresno.edu or 559.278.1012, or Professor Bob McDonald, bobmc@csufresno.edu, 559.250.1959.

Society and Culture of Renaissance Italy: Florence, Venice, Rome – Registration Closed

June 1 – 21, 2015
HIST 129T – 3 units
Fee:  $3,100

ItalyTravel to Florence, Venice, and Rome to discover the history and culture of the Italian Renaissance!  Investigate the social, economic, and cultural background which made possible one of the greatest art revolutions in the West, characterized by such masters as Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael…while walking the very streets they walked! Our goal will be to learn to appreciate not only the beauty of Renaissance art, but also its meaning and function as a mirror of the society which created it.  

To download (PDF) a detailed brochure, click here.

For more information contact Dr. Tere López, mariterel@csufresno.edu or 559.278.2601.

Exploring Global Health: Dominican Republic – Registration Closed

June 20 – 30, 2015
PH 152T – 3 units
Fee:  $1,880

Dominican RepublicThis global health program designed to allow students to see first-hand the health care system in a middle-income country while gaining hands on experience in a service learning activity. Students will work with health officials, university faculty and other students in assisting in health education and health promotion activities. Open to individuals that are interested in field experience related to the UN Millennium Development goals while learning heritage, culture, and healthcare delivery systems in the Dominican Republic. Basic Spanish skills are recommended.

To download (PDF) a detailed brochure, click here.

For more information contact Dr. Miguel Perez, mperez@csufresno.edu or 559.278.2897.

Global Wine, Food and Ag Tourism in Puglia, Italy – Registration Closed

June 23 – August 1, 2015
AGBS 185T and AGBS 180
Fee: $7,935


Puglia’s Mediterranean climate and warm people create an enticing location to learn about Italian culture, local wine and olive oil production, agricultural tourism and global business. This fertile agricultural region located between the Adriatic and Ionion seas is the largest of Italy’s wine and olive oil producing regions. Puglia is also known for its fine cuisine, local traditions, fascinating history, and breathtaking architecture. In 2013 the Wine Enthusiast named the Puglia region one of the world’s Top 10 wine-travel destinations.


This project-driven, multi-disciplinary academic field studies program uses various wineries, farms, tourism and related industry organizations as a laboratory for learning about the business challenges and opportunities of Puglia, Italy. The program includes a week of orientation in Vicenza in northern Italy, followed by 5 weeks of academic and cultural explorations, research, reflective activities in the Puglia region.


To download (PDF) a detailed brochure, click here.

For more information contact Dr. Annette Levi, alevi@csufresno.edu or 559.278.2949.

WWII and the Holocaust: Berlin, Munich, Warsaw – Registration Closed

July 10 – 25, 2015
HIST 149T – 3 units
Fee:  $510 plus program fee due to Travel Agent

WWIIStudents will explore World War II and the Holocaust through readings, lectures and films, and will culminate their study with a travel experience to major sites of the 20th century war experience.  Students will have the opportunity to meet with Holocaust survivors, to visit concentration camps, to explore the pre and post war past of Germany, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. 

For more information contact Dr. Melissa Jordine, mjordine@csufresno.edu or 559.278.5418 or Dr. Michelle DenBeste, mdenbest@csufresno.edu or 559.278.5154.

Shanghai, China: International Exchange via Music and Dance

September 9 – 17, 2015
CLAS 180T – 1 unit

This one (1) credit unit course will provide an intensive course of study in the area of Mexican folk music and dance, focusing on technique, style, and performance that will prepare students for the culminating experience – performing in Shanghai, China as part of the Shanghai Tourism Festival, September 12-16, 2014. This course is also designed to enhance the awareness of Mexican culture by studying and performing some of its regional dances and juxtaposing with the music and dance traditions of various countries participating in the festival.