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Passport Place at Fresno State

The Passport Place will be CLOSED on the following days:

Friday, May 24
Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day)
Thursday, July 4 (Independence Day)

Please note: 

  • We do not provide photo services in our office. You must bring a valid passport photo when you apply for a passport.
  • Due to the high volume of customers and mailing deadlines, we cannot guarantee the acceptance of all walk-in applicants. We recommend arriving no later than 12:30 pm to allow enough time to process your application(s).

Summer Hours: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm, Monday-Friday (May 20-August 9)

Hours: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm, Monday-Friday

Traveling abroad and need a United States passport? You can submit your application right on the Fresno State campus!

The Passport Place at Fresno State is conveniently located in Continuing and Global Education, Room 140 of the Kremen Education Building (northwest corner of Shaw and Maple Avenues; campus map can be found here).

Questions? Call the Passport Place at 559.278.0013.

Please note that passport renewals do not require a visit to a Passport Acceptance Facility. Renewals can be mailed to the National Passport Processing Center. See instructions below under Form DS-82.

Important Note: Do NOT submit any passport application information to our office via email. We cannot accept applications via email. You must bring your application to the Passport Place in person.

Applying for a Passport

To apply for a United States Passport, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Complete Form DS-11: Application For A U.S. Passport
  2. Submit Completed Form DS-11 In Person - Kremen Education Building, Room 130
  3. Provide Evidence of U.S. Citizenship - certified birth certificate OR naturalization certificate (Please bring original certificate and one copy)
  4. Present Identification - photo ID (driver's license or military ID)
  5. Submit a Photocopy of the Identification Document(s) (copies can be made by us for a fee)
  6. Pay the Applicable Fee—two checks or two money orders only—NO CASH ACCEPTED (see fee chart below)
  7. Provide One Passport Photo


You will need to bring two checks or two money orders with you, one payable to the U.S. Department of State, and the other payable to Fresno State.

  Total Fee   Passport Fee Payable to U.S. Department of State Execution Fee
Payable to Fresno State
U.S. Passport Book      
Adults age 16 & over - first time $145 $110 $35
Adults age 16 & over - renewal $110 $110 $0
Minors under age 16 $115 $80 $35
U.S. Passport Card      
Adults age 16 & over - first time  $65 $30 $35
Adults age 16 & over - renewal $30 $30 $0
Minors under age 16 $50 $15 $35
Optional Service Fees      
File Search Fee $150 $150 $0
Photocopies $.50/page             $0 $.50/page
Expedite Fee $60 $60 $0
1-2 day delivery service fee (passport book only) $16.48 $16.48 $0
Outgoing express mail (per family) $25.50 $0 $25.50

Forms (PDFs)

Form DS-11:

  • Applying for a U.S. passport book or card for the first time
  • Current U.S. passport is valid but has been lost, stolen or damaged
  • Previous U.S. passport was issued more than 15 years ago

Form DS-64:

  • Used to report the loss or theft of a valid U.S. passport book or card
  • Submitted with Form DS-11 and supporting documents to replace a previously lost or stolen passport
  • Used alone to report the loss or theft of a passport even if you do not want a replacement passport

Form DS-3053:

  • Minors under age 16
  • Completed by the non-appearing parent
  • Must be notarized within the last 90 days, and must be accompanied by a copy of the non-appearing parent's photo ID
  • Submitted with Form DS-11

Form DS-82:

  • To renew an existing, 10-year passport
  • To replace a limited-validity passport that is more than 1 year old
  • Only use if current passport was issued less than 15 years ago
  • Only use if name on the application and the previous passport are the exact same (unless you are submitting a legal name change document or marriage certificate)
  • Only if the passport is undamaged and can be submitted by mail with Form DS-82
  • Passport renewals do not require a visit to a Passport Acceptance Facility.Renewals can be mailed to the National Passport Processing Center, Post Office Box 90155, Philadelphia, PA 19190-0155.
  • In order to protect the contents of your mailing from the elements throughout the delivery process, it is strongly recommended that you mail your passport application and personal documents in an envelope large enough to fit the application without folding. Please do not use a standard letter-size #10 (4 1/8" x 9 1/2") envelope.

Form DS-5504:

  • To request a name change
  • To correct data errors (typos)
  • To replace limited-validity passports (if eligible)
  • You may submit Form DS-5504 by mail


Visit the U.S. Department of State's website, call their customer service line at 877.487.2778, call our office at 559.278.0013, or email