Study Abroad Programs

Dogs in PragueThere are many different study abroad programs for Fresno State students, everything from short one-week trips to full academic year programs. The staff at SAIE is here to help students understand program options, taking into consideration the academic, financial and personal needs for each student. 

SAIE offers information sessions several times a week where students will learn about the different program options, financial aid and scholarships available, important dates and deadlines, and where to find more information on each program. Information sessions are a great first step in the study abroad process. 

In the excitement of finding the perfect study abroad program, some students forget the study part of study abroad. Knowing that courses are available to students while abroad is key in selecting a program. Students should visit the Academics page for information on how courses can be applied to their Fresno State degree program. 

Getting Started

 Getting Started

Some students have dreamt about studying abroad for years, while others are just casually interested, not really knowing if it is right for them. Regardless of where you start in the process, finding the perfect study abroad program can be the hardest part of the process.

The staff at SAIE is available to help navigate these questions and help students find a program that meets their academic, financial and personal goals. 

Some things to keep in mind when looking through programs are:

  • How long do you want to go for?
  • What kinds of classes are available?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What makes you excited about the idea of studying abroad?
  • What about study abroad worries you?

Types of Programs

 Types of Programs

Fresno State students have a wide variety of programs to choose from. Each program is a little different in terms of what is offered, costs and logistical details.

CSU International Program

Operating from within the CSU Chancellor’s Office and serving the 23 CSU campuses, CSU IP offers a wide variety of yearlong study abroad programs for undergraduate and, in some cases, for graduate students. CSU IP offers programs in 18 countries at over 50 different universities.

Fresno State Exchange Programs

Exchange programs offer one or two semester study abroad option. Students pay Fresno State tuition and cost of living abroad, with no additional fees. Full financial aid can transfer for those who are eligible and credit earned while abroad will appear on the Fresno State transcript – great for transfer students or those planning for graduate school. 

University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)

USAC is a non-profits consortium of US universities, joined together to provide affordable, high-quality academic programs. Offering semester, summer, winter and year long programs in 25 countries, there is sure to be a USAC program to meet any student’s need.

Fresno State Faculty-Led Programs

These short-term programs are uniquely designed to meet the needs of Fresno State students. Fresno State faculty take a group of Fresno State for one to five weeks in the summer or winter.

Non-Fresno State Programs

Although Fresno State strives to provide students with enough options to meet everyone’s needs, we understand students want to study abroad for a variety of different reasons. For that reason, students are eligible to find other, outside study abroad programs which might be able to transfer back to Fresno State. Students must work with SAIE to approve outside programs before going abroad. 

CSU International Program

CSU International Program

The CSU International Program, or CSU IP, offers yearlong study abroad options that are designed to fit within a students’ 4 or 5-year plan. From all over California, thousands of CSU students study abroad. Add an international dimension to your education and your outlook by studying in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico or South America

These programs are major/minor specific or are designed for language learning. Each program will have different pre-requisite courses in order to be accepted, in some cases, the pre-requisites will include second language ability.

Visit the CSU IP advanced search page to find a program that might work.

SAIE can help guide students through the application and financial planning process. Additionally, SAIE can offer some insights on each of the programs and how the program may help students to an on time graduation. 

Fresno State Exchanges

Fresno State Exchange

Fresno State exchange programs are semester based one-for-one student exchange program, unlike exchange programs at the high school level, students are not exchanging families, only universities.

The main purpose of this program is to provide students at both institutions (Fresno State and Overseas Campus) with an opportunity to pursue studies at a foreign location, while paying tuition at the home campus.

Some of Exchange programs include:

Craig School of Business also offers other semester based exchange programs that are designed for Business majors. 



USAC programs come in all shapes and sizes, from short winter programs to full academic year programs. Students pay a program fee which, in most cases, covers tuition, housing, orientation/field trips and a few other services. Students are then responsible for paying the additional costs associated with studying abroad, such as airfare and personal expenses.

USAC programs are a great option for students to find programs for their major, minor or general education. Additionally, most USAC programs have no language pre-requisite, which means students are able to study in English.



Faculty-led study abroad programs offer Fresno State faculty teaching Fresno State courses abroad. Students are able to earn academic credit while completing a short-term international study tour.

Programs are as short as one week and are traditionally held during the summer or winter terms. 

Non-Fresno State

Non-Fresno State

For students who do not find a study abroad program that meets their needs, there are other study abroad possibilities. Study abroad providers are typically more expensive than one of the above mentioned program types, but allow students more flexibility in terms of locations and course offerings.

Students interested in studying abroad on a Non-Fresno State program should work closely with the staff at SAIE


Get more Information on study abroad by contacting SAIE.