Getting Started

Welcome to Study Abroad at Fresno State! Study Abroad at Fresno State can open doors you never knew existed, and take you places you never thought possible – and it is easier than you think!

Here’s how it works:


Attend a Study Abroad Information Meeting

These meetings are recommended for anyone who intends to go on a Fresno State Study Abroad program, and they are hosted once per week during the semester. The dates of the Information Sessions are posted on the Study Abroad home page, click here.

All meetings take place in the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchanges, Family and Food Sciences Building, Room 119.


Get familiar with the following unique benefits of Fresno State Study Abroad programs:

  1. Courses count as resident Fresno State credit, and will count towards your major, minor or the Fresno State GE requirement. This means with good long-term planning, you will continue making progress towards graduation.
  2. Pay your regular Fresno State tuition, living expenses, your plane ticket, and study abroad program fees. It is possible that your living expenses will be less than living in Fresno.
  3. All Financial Aid applies. Any loans, grants or scholarships you qualify for through FAFSA, will apply to your study abroad experience. In fact, by studying abroad, you become eligible for scholarships that are not otherwise available to you. For more information, visit the Scholarship listing.
  4. Most Fresno State majors are covered. This means no matter what you study, there is a location somewhere through at least one of the Study Abroad programs where you will have the opportunity to earn credit toward your major abroad. In fact, students who go abroad often have the opportunity to earn a foreign language minor. Keep in mind that not all majors are offered in every country.


Research and identify a program that corresponds to your academic goals by major or minor.

You should consider adding a second major or minor in a Foreign Language if you plan to attend a country where a foreign language is spoken. Simply visit the Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures Department website.

Speak with your major/minor advisor concerning your study abroad plans and possible course offerings.


After you have attended an informational meeting and researched programs, you can Apply Now.


Schedule a one-on-one meeting with the advisor at the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchanges to get guidance to develop your individualized academic and financial plans.