"I have learned a lot about GIS during these four courses. My cartographic skills have improved. And overall, I have learned to do a better job planning my analyses and projects."

Marianne Mollring,
2012-2013 cohort

"GIS was totally new to me entering this certificate and what I noticed is that you almost have to know a little bit of everything in terms of professions. At the same time that is what makes GIS great, any industry can utilize it."

Joaquin De La O,
2012-2013 cohort

"The courses have given me an intro into the breadth of the GIS world, which has given me the base knowledge and resources to research and apply further techniques. These new skills are already coming in handy--previous employers who knew I was taking this course work are already contacting me for assistance with GIS management and problem solving."  

Matthew Weldy,
2012-2013 cohort


Information and How to Apply

The next cohort in the program begins in Fall, 2015, and applications are now being accepted. Click on the links in the left column for Prerequisites and Requirements and How to Apply.

The Geographic Information Systems Certificate of Advanced Study with a focus in science and technology has been developed to meet the growing need for GIS skills in today’s job market. What is GIS?

What the Program Provides

The Geographic Information Systems Certificate of Advanced Study program goal is to provide a strong foundational education that delves into the principles and real-world applications of GIS. Students will explore the principle tenets of GIS by completing coursework that builds their credentials and capitalizes on a marketplace hungry for skilled employees.

The courses within the online certificate in GIS enable our students:

  • To become well-versed in GIS theory
  • To become knowledgeable in designing and managing spatial databases
  • To become versed in building and using spatial data models
  • To be creatively perceptive regarding spatial decision-making

More Information and To Apply

Our course of study provides a course listing, descriptions, and required units. Also see prerequisites and requirements and how to apply. The next classes in the Certificate program begin in August, 2015.

Have Questions?

See our FAQ page. You may also want to request more information or contact us.