General Information

College Credit for Extension Courses

California State University, Fresno will allow credit for Extension courses toward the bachelor’s and master’s degrees and for teaching credentials subject to requirements for those degrees and credentials. Extension course credits are not acceptable for meeting residence requirements for degrees. Information concerning credential and degree requirements can be obtained from the Admissions Office, the General Catalog, or from appropriate departmental advisers. Candidates for master’s degrees should consult the Division of Graduate Studies or departmental graduate advisers to learn whether specific Extension courses are applicable.

Unit Restrictions

Baccalaureate Degree

Extension and correspondence credit is limited to 24 units. You may transfer up to 24 semester units of Extension credit from accredited institutions, provided the credit would have been acceptable toward a baccalaureate degree had it been earned as residence credit, and provided it would be acceptable toward a degree offered by the institution where it was earned.

Master’s Degree

Extension credit is not regularly used on a graduate degree program. In the event the Extension course is offered under conditions similar to those for a course normally usable on a master’s program, you may request special permission from your department and from the Division of Graduate Studies. If approval is granted, a maximum of nine transfer (including Extension) units may be used on a 30-unit program.

These limitations do not necessarily apply to credential requirements, unless credential requirements are related to degree requirements.

Library Privileges

Henry Madden Library

Students enrolled in academic credit courses are entitled to limited library privileges. Contact the Division of Continuing and Global Education to receive a special borrower’s card for the Henry Madden Library.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) provides specialized resources that help students with physical, psychological, and learning disabilities to achieve maximum independence while pursuing educational goals. Students who have temporary or permanent disabilities affecting academic functioning may be eligible for a variety of support services.

Requesting Services

Students with disabilities may visit the SSD office to document the disability and to initiate a request for services. Upon receipt of verification from a former campus or an appropriate professional, a meeting is scheduled with a disabilities management specialist to establish services. Please call 559.278.2811 (TDD, 559.278.3084) for an appointment and office location.

Student Conduct

Faculty, staff and students are reminded that all activities of the Division of Continuing and Global Education program are governed by the regulations of the University. Student conduct is governed by Section 41301 to 41304 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, also known as the Student Conduct Code. A copy of the code is found in the Policies and Regulations section of the General Catalog, or can be obtained from the Dean of Student Affairs Office.

In reference to the consumption of alcoholic beverages in connection with the Division of Continuing and Global Education courses or activities, such consumption is prohibited unless specific authorization is obtained from the Director of Public Safety. The President has designated the Director of Public Safety to act in all matters related to alcoholic beverages. Permission must be obtained for any event serving alcohol on university campus property.

A complete copy of the Policy on Campus Use of Alcoholic Beverages is available in the Dean of Student Affairs Office or the Department of Public Safety/Risk Management Office.

Course Numbering System

Lower-division courses.

Upper-division courses.

Independent study, undergraduate.

Graduate-level courses.

Independent study, graduate.

Graduate Degree Project.

Graduate Degree Thesis/Dissertation.

PLEASE NOTE: Only nine Extension units (in a 30-unit program) taken prior to admission to a graduate program, including transfer units and/or units taken through Open University, may be applied towards the master’s degree.

Designed to meet professional needs that cannot be served by regular established course offerings.

Upper-division courses in CSU system programs administered by California State University, Fresno. Enrollment provisions listed for courses numbered 100-199 apply to these courses as well.

Graduate courses in CSU system programs administered by California State University, Fresno. Enrollment provisions listed for courses numbered 200-299 apply to these courses as well.

Nondiscrimination Policy