Course of Study

airplaneThe Homeland Security Certificate of Advanced Study consists of four courses for a total of 12 units of graduate level academic credit. Students enroll in courses in the chronological order listed below. Classes begin in August, 2014. The deadline to apply for admission is June 15, 2014. Please review the instructions on the "How to Apply" page for details.

Successful completion of all four online courses is required to earn the certificate.

CRIM 216- ESSENTIALS OF HOMELAND SECURITY (3.0 units, Fall Offering)

This course focuses on Homeland Security, terrorism, and theories of security, risk management, and national security strategy. An overview of key agencies and the legal and privacy issues inherent in balancing law and order with Constitutional rights and liberties.

CRIM 217- RADICAL IDEOLOGIES (3.0 units, Fall Offering)

Students will acquire an understanding of how ordinary individuals can acquire extraordinary philosophies that disrupt governance, derail the status quo, and often erupt into violent conflict.

CRIM 218- INTELLIGENCE THEORY (3.0 units, Spring Offering)

Intelligence Theory is a course intended so that students can acquire an understanding of how the acquisition, analysis and dissemination of information to generate criminal intelligence can be facilitated in a free society.

CRIM 219- BORDER AND HOMELAND SECURITY (3.0 units, Spring Offering)

This course focuses on border and homeland security, terrorism, risk management, and national security strategy. Comparative approach of key agencies, policies, and legal issues in securing international borders, critical infrastructure protection, and economic analysis in security, transportation, and immigration policy.

Total Units: 12

Completion of the Certificate

The Certificate shall be issued upon successful completion of all coursework.

Online Course Support

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