Instructor Pay

Under Article 21 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the CSU and the CFA, Summer Session pay utilizes the 2357 salary schedule, “Instructional Faculty, Summer Session – Extension.” This schedule is colloquially known as the 1/30th model because faculty are paid  approximately 1/30th of their annual salary for each unit of summer instruction. Summer Session salary may be reduced if fewer than 20 students are enrolled in a class.

On May 29-30, Continuing and Global Education will contact instructors with an update about their class enrollment and estimated salary. At that time, classes with too few enrollments will be cancelled. A class may also be cancelled if the instructor does not wish to teach at the estimated salary.

Pay Disbursement

Final instructor pay is calculated after the conclusion of the class. Payments for Summer Session are disbursed in July and August. Depending on the end date of a class, it may take 6-8 weeks for an instructor's payment to be processed. Pay will be disbursed in the manner that instructors have on file with the Payroll Services office (e.g. by mail, direct deposit, or available for pickup at the Joyal cashiers' windows).