Course Enrollment Review

Proposed classes must meet minimum enrollment targets in order to be offered during Summer Session. Decisions about which classes proceed will be made on May 28-30 by Continuing and Global Education, using enrollment data and information provided by Faculty Affairs. 

Summer Session classes are offered on a self-supporting basis. The revenue generated by student enrollment must offset the course expenditures, which include instructor pay and mandatory state and CSU expenditure deductions. Per Article 21 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the CSU and CFA, salary may be reduced if fewer than 20 students are enrolled in a class. See the Instructor Pay page for more information about the salary schedule. 

Viability Decisions

On May 28-30, Continuing and Global Education will freeze Summer Session registration to review classes for viability. Instructors will be contacted via email with an update on their class(es) on May 29 or May 30.

A salary estimate will be included in the email if the class can be offered. See the Instructor Pay page for more information. If a Summer Session class is cancelled, students will receive automatic refunds.

Classes will be available for students to view in MyFresnoState and on the Continuing and Global Education website in advance of the registration period. After registration opens in March, students will have more than two months to enroll before the viability review.

Getting the Word Out

In March, Summer Session instructors will receive two large posters that they can hang up to promote their courses.

For best enrollment results, we advise instructors and department chairs to consider the following:

  • Inform students EARLY: Make sure that students know about your classes as early as possible so they can plan their summer schedules and funding. 
  • Coordinate offerings: Do not offer too many sections of the same class during May-June Intersession and Summer Session. Too many sections may dilute enrollment and lead to cancellations, as each section is evaluated individually. If multiple sections are being offered, we recommend spacing out the courses or offering different formats (e.g. face-to-face vs. online sections).
  • Scheduling: Schedule your course for days and times that will attract as many students as possible. Remember, Summer Session courses can be scheduled at any time within the 9-week term. 
  • Offer high-demand courses: General Education and “W” courses are often popular, but so are “bottleneck” courses, such as core requirements for degree programs. However, students cannot be required to enroll in a Summer Session class in order to graduate.
  • Keep external populations in mind: Summer Session is open to all individuals who meet course prerequisites. Community members and students from other universities can enroll in Summer Session just as easily as Fresno State students. If you know of a community member or group who might be interested in a class, let them know when registration opens. They can call Continuing and Global Education at 559.278.0333 for registration assistance.