Course Proposal Guide

Download the Summer Session Course Proposal Form (PDF)

The deadline to submit Summer Session 2019 course proposals is Friday, November 30, 2018. Please fill out the front of the course proposal form in its entirety. If you are proposing a topics course, fill out the “Topic Course Information” section on the back as well. If you have any questions, contact the Summer Session Coordinator.

NOTE: If your class has unusual requirements (e.g. an unusual meeting schedule, special equipment needs, etc.) that do not fit on the course proposal form, please attach a detailed explanation on a separate sheet of paper.

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Dates & Meeting Times

Your class may meet at any time during Summer Session (June 10 - August 9), and you can determine the best dates and times for your class meetings. However, no class meetings, exams, or activities can occur before June 10 or after August 9. Also, please note that the University is closed on July 4.

NOTE: Although scheduling is highly flexible, "W" courses must meet for a minimum of six-weeks during the nine-week Summer Session term. 

We ask that you coordinate with your colleagues and department staff to avoid overlapping requests for the same facilities. We also recommend that departments avoid booking too many sections of the same course during May-June Intersession and Summer Session. Each section will be evaluated individually, and multiple sections can dilute enrollment.

Minimum Contact Hours

Summer Session classes must meet for the same amount of time as regular semester classes. The minimum requirement is 750 minutes of instructional time per unit (there is no maximum). The table below demonstrates how a typical, 3-unit class might be scheduled during Summer Session (note that this is only an example). A 3-unit class must meet for at least 2,250 minutes.

NOTE: An extra day is NOT required if a Summer Session class' meeting pattern includes July 4. 

  Regular Semester Summer Session
Weeks 15 3
Days Mon/Wed/Fri Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri
Times 9:00AM-9:50AM 9:00AM-11:30AM
Total Class Meetings 45 15
Total Instruction Time (50 minutes per meeting) x (45 meetings) = 2,250 minutes (150 minutes per meeting) x (15 meetings) = 2,250 minutes

Classes with lab or activity components may require additional time, as prescribed in the University Catalog. 

Preferred Bldg./Room No.

You may indicate a preferred classroom on your course proposal. Room assignments are subject to change based on class size and availability. Summer Session shares campus facilities with Dog Days, Summer Bridge, Early Start, and other programs. Construction also impacts facility availability.

If your class has unique equipment or instructional needs that require a specific room, please either note them on the course proposal or contact the Summer Session Coordinator as soon as possible.

Summer Classes in Visalia

The Fresno State Visalia Campus features four state-of-the-art classrooms with a capacity of 40-45 students each. Faculty are invited to submit Summer Session course proposals for the Visalia Campus. To request this facility, please indicate "Visalia Campus" as the preferred location for your class on the course proposal form. 

Instructor Information

The instructor information section is used for payroll purposes and to ensure that your summer teaching assignment is offered in compliance with appropriate collective bargaining agreements. Visit the Instructor Pay page for more information about how Summer Session pay is calculated.

125% Work Limit

The 125% additional employment rule in the Unit 3 Collective Bargaining Agreement applies to Summer Session. Instructors may submit multiple proposals, so long as the total number of instructional units does not exceed 9 units for the summer term. This limit includes instruction in other summer programs, such as May-June Intersession, extension degree and certificate programs, and Early Start. Instructors who receive supplemental funding, stateside summer pay, foundation pay, or other sources of additional income may be capped at fewer units.

Payroll Services

If you have never taught at Fresno State or filled out “new hire” paperwork with Fresno State’s Faculty Affairs office, please mark “Yes” when asked if this is your first time signing up with Fresno State Payroll Services.

Team-Taught Courses

If you are team-teaching a course with another instructor, each additional instructor will need to attach a course proposal from with the “Instructor Information” session completed and signatures from the additional instructor, Department Chair, and College/School Dean. 

Instructors who team-teach courses will split the workload and be paid in accordance with the split. Please contact the Summer Session Coordinator for more information about split workloads.

Department Review & Signatures

All course proposal forms must be signed by the instructor, Department Chair, and Dean of the College/School before consideration for additional work appointments by the Dean of Continuing and Global Education. Before submitting, the DAA must also review and initial in the box at the bottom of the form.

Forms that are not approved in this manner will be returned.