Living in Fresno


Arrival in Fresno

New AEI students should arrive in Fresno at least 7 days before the first day of class in order to do the following:

  • Make housing arrangements
  • Complete program registration (including fee payment)
  • Take the placement test
  • Attend orientation activities
  • Become accustomed to the Fresno environment

The AEI is unable to provide airport pick-up service. Your AEI Acceptance Booklet will contain information about taxi service to the AEI or to nearby hotels.


Note: The AEI does not provide housing. Below are some options for you to consider.

On-Campus Dormitory:

Students wishing to live on campus in the dormitory may visit the University Courtyard's website
( to find information about rates and room options. There is an online application and a downloadable application. There is no family housing on campus.

Off-Campus Housing:

There are several housing options for students wishing to live off campus, including apartments or accommodations with an American host family.

  • Apartments: Unfurnished apartments can range from $500 to $800 per month, plus utilities. Two to four students can usually share an apartment if they wish.
  • Private Homes: Living in a private home can be a great opportunity to learn about American culture and to practice your English. Costs range from abut $350 to $500 for a room only (You will buy and cook your own food). If meals are provided by the family, the cost may range from $400 to $600 per month. While some homes are close to the university, many of them are farther away, so you may need to buy a monthly bus pass.

Information for off-campus housing can be found at the following website: