Upper-Division Writing Requirement

All undergraduate and second baccalaureate degree candidates must demonstrate competency in writing skills at the upper-division (junior-senior) level as a requirement for graduation. After completing 60 units and English Composition (ENGL 5A, 5B or 10) or its equivalent with a C or better, students may meet this requirement in one of two ways:

  1. Pass the Upper-Division Writing Examination (UDWE) composed of two essays. This examination is given five times each year, including once before the beginning of each semester. Students are permitted to take the examination a maximum of two times. Upon successful completion of the UDWE, undergraduate students may request 1 unit of credit (ENGL 100W), which will be posted to their transcripts the semester following the date the UDWE was passed. For details, call the Bulldog Testing Office, 559.278.4137.
  1. Obtain a C, CR, or letter grade of C or better in an approved upper-division writing course at this university. Approved writing courses can be identified in the catalog and Class Schedule by the letter W (e.g., ENGL 160W, BA 105W) and are listed below.

It is imperative that the UDWS requirement be met within two semesters after completing 60 units. The UDWS requirement cannot be fulfilled by a class or test taken outside of The California State University system and cannot be satisfied at a CSU campus at which the student has not matriculated.

List of courses

  1. AFRS 104W – Writing About American Inequality (3 units)
  2. ANTH 105W – Applied Anthropology (also satisfies GE–M/I) (3 units)
  3. ANTH 116W – Anthropology of Religion (also satisfies GE–ID) (3 units)
  4. BA 105W – Business Communication (3 units)
  5. CHEM 161W – Scientific Writing Workshop (3 units)
  6. CLAS 102W – Contemporary Chicana/Latina Writing and Culture (3 units)
  7. ECON 102W – Explorations in Economic Literature (3 units)
  8. EES 135W – Dinosaurs (3 units)
  9. ENGL 115W – Literature of the New Testament (3 units)
  10. ENGL 117W – Writing from Children's Literature (3 units)
  11. ENGL 160W – Writing Workshop (4 units)
  12. HHS 116W – Interprofessional Communication in Health and Human Services (3 units)
  13. HIST 100W* – Historical Research and Writing (3 units)
  14. IT 198W – Technical Writing (3 units)
  15. JS 100W – Writing and the Jewish Experience (3 units)
  16. LEE 180W – Literacy for Social Justice and Equity (3 units)
  17. LING 110W* – Advanced Composition for Foreign Students (3 units)
  18. LING 111W – Academic Writing Workshop (3 units)
  19. MCJ 102W* – Reporting (3 units)
  20. PHIL 133W – Literature of the New Testament (3 units)
  21. PLANT 110W – Dimensions in Agriculture (3 units)
  22. SOC 130W – Contemporary Social Issues (3 units)

*Enrollment may be restricted or have additional prerequisites. Check the course description in the catalog or my.fresnostate.edu.

Additional course

CFS 130W – Professional Writing in Child and Family Science (3 units) Open only to Child and Family Sciences majors.